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bss502 introduction..

No description

Elma Dewiyana Ismail

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of bss502 introduction..

welcome to my class..
first of all....
let me introduce myself:
now down to business!!
please focus your mind!!
why are u here in uitm?
Elma Dewiyana Ismail
The Husband
Pocoyo + Fareeq = PocoYeeq
super baby
construction technology 1
nice to know you...
new 3rd semester students.....

ground rules!!
1. pls dont be late...
2. pls complete all assignments on time...
3. pls wear decent clothing
4. dont forget your student id card...
course objectives:
1. understand the importance of site investigation.

2. identify the properties of soil and its significance to the building foundation,
teaching methodology
1. lectures
2. tutorials
3. Academic site visits
are you up for a site visit?? maybe terengganu? penang? johor?
coursework 30%:
- assignment 1: 10%
- assighment 2: 10%
- test : 10%

finals: 70%
easy huhh???
do u still remember what was your parents last words before u came here?
how would u want your lecturers to see u?
what are your goals?
manage your time wisely!
be thankful to Allah for
this great opportunity in UiTM
Syllabus Content:
Site Investigation
Introduction, types of
site investigation
; new works, defects, failures,
safety and equipment
used, methods of site investigations, elements and factors to be investigated.
Soil Investigation/
soil mechanics
Definition and objectives, extent of
, method used;
in-situ testing
of soil and
lab test.
ground water control
types of ground water
control.... permenant and
soil improvement..
definition of soil improvement,
methods, techniques and types of soil improvements,

understand the definition
of caisson..
the usage of caisson
plants and equipments
plants n equipments used
for high rise building construction..
types: examples: cranes, forklifts,
scaffolding etc...
1. introduction to syllabus.... which is today...

thank you for your attention!!
and one more thing.....
always believe in yourself and never give up no matter what...
uitm dihatiku...
understand the definition
of caisson..
the usage of caisson
Before we begin...
i apologize for not being able to attend class these few weeks...
but don't worry... cause..
3. identify and interpret on the latest construction techniques that are being practiced in Malaysia through research and communication with professionals involved in these works.
u can contact me thru:
facebook (elma dewiyana ismail)..
email: elmaismail81@yahoo.com
we'll definitely cover every single topic... so... smile
and welcome back to the existing ones..
4. soil improvement and treatment, techniques and process of foundation.
basement, caisson and cofferdam
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