Prezi was founded in Budapest. With the new tech startup scene in bloom, the Pearl of the Danube has become the new European hub for innovation and technology. The city has a rich historical heritage, but it’s vibrant and young at the same time, a place where lively cafes spring up alongside crumbling castle walls and some of the most cutting-edge tech work is done in buildings that were already old by the time electricity was discovered. Our Budapest office is a true melting pot of cultures, with more than 35 countries around the world represented by our staff.

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Everything good about humanity starts with people sharing ideas. Whether you are a researcher working on a cure for cancer or a teacher explaining how the civil rights movement changed the world, your ideas come to life when people can connect with them on a visual level. Today millions of people all over the world use Prezi, and every week we enhance their experiences by deploying new features.

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