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Intro to TOK

No description

Sean Meehan

on 16 May 2012

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Transcript of Intro to TOK

How do we know what we know? What is TOK? Theory of Knowledge How do we know what we know is true? You Language Reason Emotion Perception Ways of Knowing Mathematics Natural Sciences Human
Sciences The
Arts Ethics History Areas of Knowledge Epistomology Ontology IB Assessments TOK Presentation TOK Essay 20-30 Minute Presentation
Based on a "Real Life Situation"
Group Presentation 33.3% 66.6% 1200-1600 Word Essay
Based on 1 of 12 Prescribed Titles
Not a research paper
Based on a sythesis of course ideas and personal experience Grade Bands Bonus Points Phase 1: Spring Ways of Knowing Phase 2: Summer Summer Reading Phase 3: Fall Areas of Knowledge
TOK Assessments BTHS TOK WIKI BTHS TOK Blog TOK Student Blogs January http://bthstok.blogspot.com/ https://bthstok.pbworks.com/ Reality Allegory of the the Cave
By Plato "Suppose further," Socrates says, "that the man was compelled to look at the fire: wouldn't he be struck blind and try to turn his gaze back toward the shadows, as toward what he can see clearly and hold to be real? What if someone forcibly dragged such a man upward, out of the cave: wouldn't the man be angry at the one doing this to him? And if dragged all the way out into the sunlight, wouldn't he be distressed and unable to see "even one of the things now said to be true, Socrates Any Questions? IB Biology - Paper 3, May 2010

Question: Discuss the epidemiology of one named example of a pandemic. (6 marks).

Mark Scheme: (they provide an example of how this would look, but here's the framework of the answer)
named example;
cause of occurrence;
mode of transmission;
health measure;
another health measure;
international factors;
TOK consideration/correlation and cause;

For this question, the mark scheme comments "To award a mark, each marking point requires a complete discussion or definition (not just a list of characteristics)." Therefore, students should work toward thoughtful, higher order answers for Paper 3. IB Language & Literature, HL
The relationship between the subject and TOK is central to the Diploma Programme. Having followed thelanguage A: language and literature course in group 1, students should be able to reflect critically on thevarious ways of knowing and on knowledge issues. The questions noted below highlight the relationship between TOK and the language A: language and literature course.
How does the reader shape the meaning of a text?
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