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Copy of Tupi Presentation for A.P human

Description of the Tupi Tribe

Kelly P.

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Tupi Presentation for A.P human

By : Kelly Penn
1B AP Human Outline Map
Description of culture and population
Language of the Tupi
Practice of cannibalism and sacrifice
History of the Tupi
*Ethnic group % in national populations not able to be found for the ethnicity -Tupinamb'a
Pictures of Guarani and Tupi people The Continent of Brazil- The Tupi were a Brazilian tribe that inhabited most of
Brazil's coast . The estimated population of this tribe was one million people . The Tupi people were divided into 7 different tribes ranging from 300 to 2,000 people per tribe . The Tupi were neolithic, gathering and hunting beings . Description of Tupi culture Language of the Tupi The
Tupi Tribe
Brazil Other Tupi tribes later on
migrated from the coast and
to the countries of Bolivia,
Paraguay, and Argentina . Region Hearth The Tupi at one point was a single ethnic group that spoke a common language . Studies say that the Tupi language is not really a language in its self. Tupi is a linguistic family . Linguistic , meaning the study of the nature , structure , and variation of a language . Most words in Brazilian Portuguese come from languages of the Tupi-Guarani linguistic branch , which is the best known language known of the Tupi . There are 70 languages of the Tupi in South America ! The Tupi practiced the act of cannibalism . They captured warriors from other Tupi tribes and ate them because they believed that they were gaining the warriors strengths . Sacrificed warriors were only those that were said to be strong . They did not just eat any warrior of their chose . Also , they ate the remains of their own dead relatives as a form of honoring them . But after religious influence by the Portuguese, cannibalism started to decrease .
The Tupi believed in a supreme God called by the name Maria . Also, along the way when the Portuguese settled along the coast of Brazil they brought along Catholic and Christian missionaries . Religion The Tupi religion played a role in allowing and accepting the Portuguese on to their native lands . Despite of what they thought of the Portuguese, it was their duty , by their religion , to be generous to them . They thought they had came by magic by their God , Maria . But , they would soon see that the Portuguese would bring with them disaster to their people ! History of the Tupi people About the Guarani language Guarani , another Tupian language related to Old Tupi stood its ground and resisted the spread of Spanish better than how the Tupi got taken over by the Portuguese . This is why Guarani is the most known language . Guarani, today, has 7 million speakers and is one of the official languages of Paraguay and Bolivia ! The word "Jaguar" is an original
Tupi Guarani word ! The Tupi people were one of the main ethnic groups of the Brazilan indigenous people . The Amazon forest , is believed by scholars , to be the first place they settled . Then , overtime , they started to spread southward and soon occupied the Atlantic Coast as well . Then the Portuguese settled and made contact with the Tupi . The Tupi population was almost wiped out because of slavery and diseases they had no knowledge of how to cure . Diseases such as small pox's , measles ,tuberculosis , typhoid , dysentery , and influenza were carried from Europeans and Africans . The enslavement of the natives in Brazil , because of the Portuguese determination to exploit their labor , shaped and set Brazil's modern boundaries . **African slaves were brought over to the Tupi lands also so they could work in sugar fields along with the Tupi . Economy The Tupi economy was later turned into a market economy , and so because of this Brazilian society gradually started to lose its characteristics of the Tupi Now, Brazil is a struck place for oil . A large off shore Tupi oil field , discovered in 2006 , was named in honor of the Tupi people ! Traditional hair cuts , head wear , and body paint/ tattoos The Tupi Guarani The Tupi Guarani practiced slash and burn agriculture . It is the act of clearing sections of the rainforest away by hacking tree trunks and burning away at the base of the trees . (Didn't destroy or hurt the Amazon though )
Also, they planted a unique sweet plant herb called kaa he-he, known today as the Stevia Shrub. Natives used stevia to enhance the taste of bitter mate or their medicinal potions.
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