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Stone Fox Story Elements

setting, characters, conflict, rising action, climax, resolution, theme

Jeremy Lingenfelter

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Stone Fox Story Elements

Rising Action
What events lead to solving the problem?
One day little Willy was in Lester's General Store and he saw a poster advertising a dog sled race. The winner would be awarded $500.00
Stone Fox
Story Elements
What was the time period? Where did the story happen?
Who are the people in the story?
What is the exciting event in the story?
How is the problem finally resolved?
Willy lived with his grandfather on a small potato farm in Wyoming.
What is the big problem
in the story?
What is the message, author's purpose, or life lesson learned from the story?
Little Willy
Doc Smith
plays harmonica
likes to play practical jokes on people, especially Willy.
sometimes he laughs so hard, he gets tears caught in his beard.
10 years old
lives with grandpa
She was an old dog
about the same age as Willy
has a white spot about the size of a silver dollar on her forehead.
likes to read
has white hair
her skin was tan and her face was
covered with wrinkles
Doc Smith's horse
"a handsome palomino"
enjoys a good run
One day grandpa would not get out of bed. He lay there staring at the ceiling. Doc Smith said that, medically, he was fine.
likes fishing, Rodeo, and turkey dinners
has a positive attitude

Mr. Leeks
Bought the potatoes from Willy
"It happens when a person gives up. Gives up on life. Starts up here in the mind first; then it spreads to the body. It's a real sickness, all right. And there's no cure except in the person's own mind. I'm sorry, child, but it appears that your grandfather just doesn't want to live anymore."
Plows like this........
....and the carriage that
Doc Smith uses......
....give us the idea that the
story took place a long time ago.
curious; asks a lot of questions
Mrs. Peacock
Miss Williams
Willy and his grandpa could lose their farm if they do not pay the state of Wyoming $500.00 in back taxes.
She is protective of Willy and Grandpa. She barks at people who are threatening.
He is the caretaker of the farm
Didn't pay his taxes, which caused him so much stress that he became sick in bed.
Offered Willy to stay at her house.
Thinks that Grandfather will die.
It's easy to tell when it's winter in Wyoming. There is snow on everything......
It's not a dirty snow. It's a clean, soft snow that rests like a blanket over the entire state. The air is clear and crisp, and the rivers are all frozen....
Winter in Wyoming can be to most beautiful time of the year.
Clifford Snyder was short, with a small head and a thin, droopy mustache.
He came to the farm to collect $500.00 in back taxes that Grandfather owed the state of Wyoming.
Mr. Foster was a big man with a big cigar stuck right in the center of his big mouth.
Told Willy to sell the farm in order to pay off the $500.00 that his Grandfather owed in taxes.
Stone Fox
His face was solid granite, but his eyes were alive and cunning.
Never lost a race.
needs to win the race to get the $500.00 to save the farm
Needed to win the race
to use the money to buy
back the land that was
taken from his tribe.
Little Willy found Stone Fox's dogs in a barn. Stone Fox caught him, and hit Willy in the eye. Willy told Stone Fox that he was going to beat him in the race because grandfather said if he wants it bad enough, he will do it.
Does not talk to white
people because of white peoples'
treatment of his people.
Hit Willy in the eye.
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