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Ugly Dolls

GCSE Product Design Y10 - project 2 - creativity

Rachel Coles

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Ugly Dolls

And Finally.... GCSE Product Design
Project 2 - Ugly Dolls The Big Picture - why I'm doing this project & what I will learn Work of other designers to use as inspiration...
examples Then select a theme
You could choose something similar to one of the designers or think of something else.........more ideas on this coming up
Create a powerpoint slide to show your theme
Explain why you have chosen it what you like about it Today's Tasks Develop Creativity
Task analysis
Independent research - choose your own area of inspiration,
Use the work of another designer as inspiration, range of different decorative techniques - you can look back at your fabric journals you did last year,
Deciding your own design criteria,
sketching design ideas,
testing and modelling your ideas,
working independently,
+some other relevant Product Design theory to help you with the written exam loulouandoscar.com Select a designer to research into & be your inspiration
Look at how they have created their character & the decorative techniques they have used
Look at the types of materials they have used
(it's Ok if you have to guess, discuss what things you aren't sure of with others)
Create a powerpoint slide of the research information you find out - include photos and be sure to say what made you choose that designer. start to think about your Design Brief - what your product will be and who it will be aimed at.....look back at your other design brief for trousers if you are stuck for what to write Your task is to design & make a character Your theme is up to you...... some other ideas for that could be used as a theme for inspiration,
but what do you mean - a theme??

Lets just go back again and look at them themes monsters? fashion halloween?
childhood nightmares? Trolls? spooky voodoo? made up animals? themes? clocks? fairy tales? nursery rhymes, cartoons? exaggerated peg dolls?
personalised princesses?! aliens? monsters? cartoons Dr Suess? Clowns?
scarecrows, animals
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