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Matthew Flinders

No description

Liana S

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Matthew Flinders

Matthew Flinders
by Liana
early life
He sailed with George bass to
discover van Diemen's land he also
made the discovery of Flinders ranges
with George bass they discovered
bass straight.
naming Australia
on the seas
on the investigator the seas were ruff but they got through they also had to watch out for scurvy
Matthew Flinders
Matthew Flinders was from England and decided to sail to Australia in a ship called the investigator and discovered "Flinders Ranges" and when he was sailing he incounted a storm that
nearly got him shiprecked also
a lot of things has been named by
him like flinders ranges,
flinders hospital, flinders chase
[wildlife park] and flinders
trim (flinders) cat
he renamed "Terra Australis" to Australia
also he fought the french in December 1781
and returned to England
on the 17 th of April 1801 Matthew Flinders married his long friend Ann
Chappelle but on the 1 of April 1812
they had a child called Anne who when
she was old enough married William
the Investigator
Aboard the investigator Matthew
Flinders reached and named cape
Leeuwin on the 6 th of December
1801 and continued to make a survey on the southern coast of the
Australian Mainland.
with bass
with bass Matthew
helped him make the
discovery of bass
aboard the
Matthew was a
naval ship officer
Matthew was the first to
think about the name
Terra Australis (Australia)
and name it Australia
Matthew Flinders
had a ship called the investigator
and a cat called trim.
Flinders was born in Donington
England the son of Matthew Flinders was a surgeon and his wife Susanah
Dugan,M 1998 ,exploring
Russel,J 2000, Australia's
Clements,G 2000,the picture history of great
thanks for watching
were did he go ?
On the 8th of April 1802
Flinders explored port
Phillip also with stores running low Flinders sailed to Sydney,Australia.
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