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Transforming Global Diversity and Inclusion Into Innovation at Kimberly-Clark, ASTD ICE 2014

Eric Stallworth, Kimberly-Clark, Dave Eaton, Korn/Ferry, and Anders Gronstedt, Gronstedt Group

Anders Gronstedt

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Transforming Global Diversity and Inclusion Into Innovation at Kimberly-Clark, ASTD ICE 2014

Encourage your leaders to seek diverse-by-design teams
Build teams that represent different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, thinking styles and talents.
Eric Stallworth, Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Dave Eaton, Senior Partner, Korn Ferry
Anders Gronstedt, President, Gronstedt Group
Transforming Global Diversity and Inclusion Into
Innovation at Kimberly-Clark

Business Challenges
Get breakthrough innovation and performance from increased engagement, collaboration, and cultural agility.
Why You Should Transform Your Culture:
Transforming Global Diversity and Inclusion into Innovation at Kimberly-Clark
Create stronger connections between your employees, leaders, customers, suppliers, and the community
Help your leaders to create an inclusive climate to benefit from unique perspectives
Design with an innovative learning approach?
What if you could…
What if you could…
Break out of traditional learning methods and results?

Create a learning-based journey, not an event?
Incorporate a story-based and technology-driven approach?
Resulting in increased collaboration, innovation, and performance.
Without classrooms, trainer expenses, and travel.
What if you could…
Utilize multi-modal learning leverages, videos, podcasts, QR codes, blogging, email, and more?
What if you could…

Extend the learning over weeks or even months to introduce concepts or reinforce ongoing programs?
Not a hidden camera, but "The Office"-style video episodes that follow a global, virtual team, struggling to launch a new product.
In addition, we incorporated a
3D Virtual World
Key Learnings
Address complex cultural issues with "scribe" videos.
Friendly "scribe" videos describe challenges, concepts, and processes; they clearly illustrate solutions and outcomes applicable to your organization.
Promote self-directed development with online learning.
Interactive, always-on learning that builds on-the-job awareness and competencies.
Social Learning
Create communities of continuous learning by leveraging blogging, message boards, online chat, and more.
Listen to our podcast
Use program characters or your internal leaders to explore inclusion and teamwork topics.
Real-World Reinforcement
Connect and reinforce online learning with real-world behaviors through engaging and interactive workplace graphics that drive more learning.
Put diverse perspectives to work by creating environments in which continuous learning is the expectation and high performance is the reality.
Transformative Behavior:
Creating diverse- by-design teams
Transformative Behavior:
Creating inclusive environments
Change your learning, change your culture
Before you can transform your culture, you must change your approach.
What if you could...
Eric Stallworth, Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Kimberly-Clark
Dave Eaton, Senior Partner, Korn/Ferry, and
Anders Gronstedt, President, Gronstedt Group

Better leaders,
Better world

Premier global provider of talent management solutions that accelerate leadership effectiveness and maximize business impact
Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting Family
"Trans-media storytelling" leverages the explosion of screens and devices to connect wider and deeper with a new generation of networked learners.
Cost and Impact
live-action video

ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition
M108, Monday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Has anyone changed culture with a story-based, technology-driven approach?

Group assignment:
How can you apply this approach to your organization?
"It has EXCEEDED the expectations of all! My team has been so engaged and motivated, that we’ve established bi-monthly cadence reviews in-person to go through at least two iTent episodes and the associated sketches at each session. The discussions have been rich and rewarding! The most impactful experience is that everyone is opening up to candidly discuss bias and perceptions that may not have previously been acknowledged. It is also helping our team come closer together, and the team actually looks forward to each interactive session. Now that is what Build Trust looks like to me! "
"This was a fabulous program! I can’t imagine anyone not learning something or having a ‘aha’ moment when taking this course."
"I don’t normally email Vice-Presidents on a Monday afternoon, but I just wanted to congratulate you and your team for creating a really, really great Diversity & Inclusion training programme… As an Mature, Part-time, Female KC Brit , diversity is near to my heart, as I am sure it is (actually) with everyone, I am now incredibly motivated and interested and to see where this learning journey takes me, my colleagues and the company. We have the ability to be a very powerful team. On a more personal note perhaps I might even morph into a youthful single Brazilian twenty something, in mind-set if not in body, – and that would be just great! "
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