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New France By Wyatt Matthew (Not Finished)

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Wyatt Matthew

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of New France By Wyatt Matthew (Not Finished)

People Who Left France For The New World Wanted To Find Opportunities For A Better Life To Built A New Society To Have Religion And Freedom.
Food Was Very Expensive So Only Rich People Could Afford Food So Most Of The People Would Fish/Hunt/Farm/Gathered Food. They Would Hunt Ducks, Geese, Partridge, Passenger Pigeons, Moose And Bear. They Would Fish For Eel, Pickerel, Carp, Smelt, Sturgeon, Herring, Cod, Salmon And Trout. They Would Farm Corn, Wheat, Chicken, Duck, Cow, Turnips, Cabbages, Onions, Leeks And Beets. They Gathered Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Currants, Blackberries And Plums
The Colonization Of Eastern Canada Began With The French In The 17th Century. For Some Years These Settlers Depended On Clothing On What They Brought With Them. New Clothes Was Expensive And The Only Clothing Available Was Ready Made Garments Made Locally From Imported Cloth Or Sometimes From Dressed Skins. Weaving Did Not Become Popular In The New Settlement Until Early 18th Century.
Houses Were Often Built Towards The South. This Was So There Was As Much Light As Possible. An Average Farmhouse Measured 8m X 6m In Size And Usually Had A Thatch Or A Cedar Shingle Roof. The Roof Was So Steep That Snow Could Easily Slide Off. Inside The Houses Were Dark. There Were Not Many Windows Because Windows Let In Heat In The Summer And Coldness In The Winter. Only The Rich Could Afford To Put Glass In Their Windows. The Walls Were Plastered And Whitewashed To Prevent The Log Walls From Rotting. Most Houses Had One Room. Everyone Ate, Worked And Slept In The Same Room. If A House Had A Upstairs Some People Would Sleep In There.
Social Organization
There Were 3 Major Social Groups In New France:

The First Social Group Is Nobility Or The Colonial Elite Which Included Army Officers, Upper Clergy And Administrators.

The Second Social Group Is Middle Class Or Bourgeoisie Which Included Merchants And Civil Servants.

The Third Social Group Is Common People Which Included The Habitants, Parish Preists, Coureurs De Bois
And Tradesmen.
New France 1600's-1700's
Reasons Why Settlers Came To New France
Challenges That Were Faced
Interactions With Native Peoples

New France Is A Colony Located In North America
Inhabited By The French. Canada Was Originally Just A French Colony Which Stretched Along The St. Laurence River.
The Government Of New France Was Headed By A Governor Who Was Responsible To The King. The Governor Took Advice From A Sovereign Council Which Consisted Of The Attendant, The Bishop And A Number Of High Ranking Seigneurs And Clergy Appointed By The Governor. The Sovereign Council Was Both A Lawmaking Body And A Court For Criminal And Civil Cases Which Had Been Referred From Lower Courts. Although The Governor Was The Royal Representative The Day To Day Affairs Of The Colony Were Run By The Attendant. The First And Most Famous Attendant Was Jean Talon.
When French Explorers First Started Making Permanent Settlements And Trading Posts They Needed Someway To Get Needs For Survival. The French Had To Harvest What Natural Resources They Had And Promote Local Businesses To Provide Stuff For The Colonies.
By The Religious History Of Canada Is Meant To Be Something Distinct From The Histories Of Individual Churches Or Religious Bodies. The Religious Life Of A Country Has Its Own Ups And Downs Its Periods Of Prosperity And Depression Cause By Factors Lying Outside The History Of Individual Denominations.
1. The Cold Winters That Made It Hard For Survival.

2. The English Settlers Who Had A Larger And Denser Population.

3. Scurvy ( A Disease From Lack OF Vitamin C.)
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