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*Final Presentation by Minima Lab

No description


on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of *Final Presentation by Minima Lab

Establish a perspective on the future working environments in 5, 10 & 20 years.
Explore the concept of the future workspace to determine possible strategic business directions through design methods.
Explore knowledge based workers and knowledge based working environment. Key questions
Secondary research
Converging the scope
Primary research
Analysis of the research
Interactive report
Moving forward Research Methods Primary & Secondary Primary Research Interviewed several knowledge workers Key Questions Converging the Scope Overview Objectives Analysis of the Research Affinity Diagramming AD 2023 Findings Interactive Report Moving forward Why we work
How did we work
How we will work
in the future Mobility Productivity Efficiency Communication Drivers of the workplace Secondary research 3P's & W + More has been lost from indecision than wrong decision.

Utilize the key indicators to strategize and conceptualize potential future outcomes.

Be proactive and responsive to the changes in the micro and macro environment of the industry by considering all the possibilities of the coming future. Workplace Environmental Socio-cultural Political Flexibility People Technology Environment Economical Technological Flexibility Knowledge based workers Internal/External A/synchronous tools in the workplace Collaboration Diversity Well-being Common Themes Successful workplaces are those that improve the organization's ability to adapt in a rapidly changing environment.

Established technology, environments and behaviors have an 'inertia' of their own.

Trends in People, Environment and Technology are not parallel; they interact and effects one another. Past timeline Possible Wild Card Preferable Probable
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