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No description

Joanna puente

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Othello

On a quiet night in Venice, Iago, ensign to the Moorish general, Othello, enlists the aid of Roderigo in his plot against Othello.
Scene 1- A sea port in cyprus. Scene 2- a street Scene 3-A hall in the castle Othello The Moore Of Venice
Act 2 Three scenes We're now back on the streets of Cyprus to hear Othello's herald make a public announcement: in celebration of the Turkish fleet's destruction, Othello has declared that tonight will be a party night in Cyprus. Every man can do what pleases him best. Othello and Desdemona celebrate their love, while Iago offers Cassio some wine. He turns it down, stating that he does not drink, and then summons the married couple. Iago states, in soliloquy, his intentions to frame Cassio for making passes at Desdemona, and complains of watching the lovesick Roderigo sad with loneliness. Iago manages to get Cassio drunk and the gentlemen all sing songs of valor and joy to one another and in praise of Othello. Cassio mumbles that he, the Lieutenant, must be saved before the Ensign. Iago, the Ensign, is silently angered by this. Cassio leaves the festivities proclaiming his soberness in an overtly drunken fashion, allowing Iago to tell Montano of his worries about Cassio's ability to govern. Iago tells Roderigo to follow the drunken Cassio. Othello
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