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Copy of Who is Kabbage

This is our Branding Exercise Presentation

Troy Deus

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Who is Kabbage

Kabbage Product Goal
Hierarchy of User Needs. If you reach an engaging pleasurable experience, your customers become advocates.
Exercise: List 3-5 traits that best describes our competition as seen from the eyes of the consumer.
If you met Kabbage in a bar, what would be your impression?
Exercise: List 5 - 7 traits that best describe your brand along with the traits you want to avoid.
Exercise: Choose one real (famous or not) person that you feel best fits the Kabbage personality we are shooting for and why?
Personality Map
Exercise: Discuss what kind of personality Kabbage should have and where it should fall on the map.
If Kabbage could talk how would it speak? Would it be folksy or refined? Describe your brand's voice and how it may change in various situations.

Exercise 1: Write a short 1-2 sentence Success message for: You have just qualified for $10,000.
Exercise 2: Write a short 1-2 sentence Error message for: Unable to send your Kabbage cash.
Exercise 3: Write a short 1-2 sentence Progress message for: I just finished linking my payment service, now what?
What words are OK to use and which ones, if used would cause Katheryn to beat you?
Exercise: Review the list below and add / edit / remove
What's Next?
Online Voice, Tone, Branding, Development, Style Guide that all Kabbage employees can look to and pull from.
Owners: Kathryn, Victoria, Troy
Who is Kabbage Meeting Overview
Explore & define our Kabbage brand personality.
There are 8 of exercises we will explore. LaQuisha will facilitate. We will introduce the sections, branch off into smaller groups and come together to discuss outcome and define agreed upon direction.
Each exercise will be time boxed to help us stay on track.
A Kabbage branding, voice & tone, style guide that will establish our branding consistency as it relates to all Kabbage products, marketing, and communications.
Online Kabbage Style Guide
Brands We Like
Exercise: What 3-5 brands have attributes that you liked and why?
Sneak Peek of new UI
Below is a preview of the new look and feel. The new brand should reflect the personality we establish here today.
Break out into smaller groups: Discuss and write down the attributes and brands you like. Discuss as a whole.
Sarah has always dreamed of starting her own business. ZenGoods is her opportunity to be
her own boss and earn a living on her terms.
Jeff is ambitious and wants to grow his business into a $10 Million a year business. He is busy and doesn't have time for paperwork. He has put his own credit into the business. His revenue is high, but his credit score is not.
Branch off into smaller groups and discuss each of the brands above and write 3-5 traits for each then discuss as a whole.
Break into smaller groups and discuss traits then come together as a group.
Small group exercise then discuss as a whole
Kabbage Elevator Pitch
Exercise: How would you describe Kabbage to a potential customer in 1 - 4 sentences?
Break into smaller groups. Each group comes up with their ideal elevator pitch. Come together and present.
Review existing copy & practices to ensure we are following our ideal Kabbage personality. Website copy, email copy & frequency, customer service scripts, chat feature, etc...
Kabbage Personality Audit
Kabbage Brand Architecture
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