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Game Spaces

No description

Dr Teodor Mitew

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Game Spaces

Game Spaces public/private play locative gaming seminar interview other gamers on their gaming history and post results on G+ project work locate games that require us to think about game spaces in different ways quest game landscapes open linear structured time, place, objective immersion simulation V =→ M[O] V stands for the viewer, M for the medium, and [O] for the object, content, or “reality” that is framed by the medium. V→ [O] illusionism V → O[O] realism signifier signified pc baang arcade games Periscope (1966) Galaxy Game (1971) Pong (1972) Street Fighter II (1991) today the shooting gallery the pinball machine mobile gaming kawaii POV the space of the viewer the space of the character the medium as if it were a reality reality as if it were a medium what constitutes a sign? Much of aesthetic experience is grounded on a process of projecting oneself into the frame of an alternate, but viable, imaginary reality. Egginton Putting the viewer into the same space as the objects viewed Bolter and Grusin space Game designers and programmers often look primarily to cinema for cues on developing and organizing video game space. Murphy Like viewpoints, gamers oscillate between identifying with and responding to their avatars and other characters in a game. Murphy immersion feedback performative space enact and react to the same character simultaneously ARG Case: The LOST Experience immersion Case: Geocaching Case: Can you see me now? Blasttheory Snake! [1997] from to apps other examples? the game space predates and formats both play and narrative SpaceWar clone Capcom Atari Sega if a then b mobile gaming DIGC310 Espen Aarseth constructing a point of view ARG ARG
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