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One Minute Write - "The Limited" by Sherman Alexie

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Thad Ayazides

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of One Minute Write - "The Limited" by Sherman Alexie

Common Core
Determine central idea of text RL.7.2

Analyze how word choices affect meaning RL 7.4

Participate in classroom discussions
SL 7.1
One Minute Write - "The Limited" by Sherman Alexie
1 minute write!
When I say "Go"...
In your journals, write a 1 minute response to the poem...

Wherever the poem takes you...

Whatever it makes you see or feel or wonder....

What it reminds you of....

Why you think the poem was written...
Share with your desk partners.

Read aloud to them what you were able to write.
Class Discussion
Who had a partner with some interesting ideas about this poem?

Can you summarize their ideas for us?
As I read the poem...


about how you feel and the mood of the poem....
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