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Toco Toucan

Reading Project Block:5 By:Olivia Kaunert

Olivia Kaunert

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Toco Toucan

Appearance Habitat Toco Toucans can be found in...
South Eastern Peru
Central & Eastern Paraguay
East & South Brazil
Amazon River
Far Northern Brazil
In the Amazon
South America Their main environment is...
Open habitats with trees
Lowlands Interesting Characteristics Bill = 200cm!
Tongue = same lenght as bill
Bill is honeycomb form
Bill mostly air.
Bill = no defensive use
Camoflague purposes
Skins pickings Current Status The Toco Toucan is NOT endangered because it is able to adapt to man made habitats when its orginal habitat (Rainforest) is destroyed. Its only main predators are humans, big cats, and the jaguar! Diet They eat...
Mainly Fruit
Small Animals/birds TOCO TOUCAN The bill is very unique.
Has a blue skin around eye.
Mainly black
Minimum feathers on neck. Closing I hope you enjoyed my presentation and all the unique facts about the Toco Toucan. INTRO The Toco Toucan is known for their bill, but there is much more to this amazing animal.
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