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No description

skylar brunk

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of family

hour 2 Skylar Brunk Some Strengths and Challenges that my family have. Family Roles Family life Cycle My Family Structure Thats a look into my family!!!!!!! Some of the strengths that my family has is that we stick together when times are hard. Also we stick up for one another.

Some weaknesses that my family has is that we fight. Dad: My dad is the best his role is to work all day sitting in front of a computer screen all day and come home and deal with me and he takes me every where I need to go with golf.
Mom: My mom is the best she goes to every golf or dance event i have and she is so cool.
Brother: My brother ius the best he is like my best friend i can talk to him about everything and he is there for me.
Me: I am the funny person in my family i'm the one that is there and willing to talk to any body to cheer them up and i'm a awesome sister well i hope so. My Family Structure is a blended family because my brother and I have different Dad's a blended family is where your mom or dad has a kid with a differnt person and is your half brother or sister. Thank you for taking a look into my family i hoped you enjoyed it.!!!!!!!! My family life cycle is rearing and launching because they are raising me and they sent my brother off to college. Short-Long term goals
A short term goal is to get good grades.
A long term goal is to go to college.
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