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Practicum Project Overview

No description

Connie Houser

on 19 March 2017

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Transcript of Practicum Project Overview

Learning Strategies
Evidence of Accomplishment (EOA)
Learning Agreement developed in NUR/590A guides project implementation between NUR/A and B classes
Documentation of implementing project--teaching class or implementing business plan due in NUR/590B
All learning strategies and clinical hours recorded in journal
Evidence of Accomplishment documents records results of implementing strategies
All learning strategy actions and learning recorded in journal
Record of clinical hours
Demonstrate critical analysis related to actions
Self-Reflective Journal
Documents to Submit in NUR/590B
Approved learning agreement
Self-reflective journal
Evidence of accomplishment (Column 3 of agreement)
Resume' or CV
Two additional assignments
Column 1 of version 5 learning agreement template
Specific and measurable steps to achieve objective
2-6 strategies per objective
Use higher level Blooms
Actions you will take to achieve objectives
Record each action in self-reflective journal
Column 2 of version 5 learning agreement
Documents you will submit in NUR/590B demonstrating you completed the learning strategy
Every evidence of accomplishment needs to appear correctly labeled and submitted in NUR/590B
Select education or administration as focus of project
Practicum Project Overview
Develop Learning Agreement (contract of what you will do and deliver in NUR/590B)
Goal Statement including role you want to experience
Objectives: Analyze, investigate, design, implement, and evaluate
Use higher level Blooms
Develop Learning Ageement in NUR/590A
Evidence of accomplishment results documents identified with number and letter of EOA from learning agreement
1a_annotated bibliography_your name
1b-needs assessment tool_your name
Evidence of Accomplishment
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