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Squirrel Chimney Cave Shrimp

No description

Jack Sisson

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Squirrel Chimney Cave Shrimp

Relations and habitat
The Squirrel chimney cave shrimp is in the palaemonidae family
and is related to the glass shrimp. They are almost colorless with a slight touch of white. Only their eyes are pigmented and they can grow up to 1.8 inches. They live in a sinkhole called a squirrel
chimney in Florida U.S.A.These shrimp are not poisonous and are blind when they are adults
Why I chose this animal
I chose this animal because it sounded very interesting and I thought that nobody would know about it. The squirrel Chimney cave shrimp have a situation like the burrowing owls in hoot because the red eyed chub and water contamination are going to kill it
Why They Are Endangered
The Squirrel chimney cave shrimp are endangered because the water being contaminated with harmful chemicals in it and fish called the red eyed chub are eating them. The Squirrel chimney cave shrimp have a situation like the borrowing owls in Hoot because the builders are going to wreck the Burrowing owls habitat and water contamination is wrecking the water the Squirrel chimney cave shrimp live in
Fun Facts
The squirrel Chimney cave shrimp's exoskeleton is
completely clear. The Squirrel Chimney cave shrimp only have 6 teeth. Scientists are not doing anything to protect the
squirrel chimney cave shrimp.
Squirrel Chimney Cave Shrimp
Squirrel Chimney Cave shrimp
The Squirrel chimney cave shrimp's
scientific name is Palaemontes Cummingi.
Why their situation is like the burrowing owl's situation in hoot.
The Squirrel Chimney cave shrimp's situation
is like the burrowing Owls in hoot because
water contamination and fish called Red eyed Chub are eating the Shrimp.

Why My Animal is worth protecting
My animal is worth protecting because it is innocent and harmless.If it dies then the Red eyed Chub won't have anything to eat. We should throw trash in trash cans and put recycleable materials in the recycling cans. We shouldnt pour toxic waste in the water because it kills animals in the ocean.
A Squirrel Chimney
The end
Thanks for listening!
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