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Characteristics of an Epic

The following are characteristics of Epics and epic heroes.

Paul Nimon

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Characteristics of an Epic

What is an Epic? A long narrative poem ...that celebrates a hero's deeds. How old are they? Earliest epics survived
for centuries as oral stories
before being written. Most date back to before
literature was invented. ...based on historical fact. They were told by SCOPS These are also called BARDS Characteristics of an Epic 1. The Hero: male, noble birth, legendary importance 2. Hero's character traits reflect
important ideals of his society. 3. Hero performs courageous
deeds (sometimes super-human)
that reflect the values of the era. 4. The actions of the hero
determine the fate of a nation
or group of people. 5. The setting is vast, often
involving more than one nation 6. The poet uses formal diction and tone. 7. Major characters often
deliver long, formal speeches. 8. The plot involves a long
and dangerous journey that is
complicated by
supernatural beings. 9. The poem reflects timeless values such as courage and honor. 10. The poem addresses
universal themes... like good... vs... evil.
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