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A State Report by Karenna J.

Jerry Johnson

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Illinois

NICKNAME - The Prairie State Illinois State Report
by Karenna Johnson
Shettler 4th Grade State Symbols Agriculture Climate History State Snack - Popcorn State Reptile - Painted Turtle State Flower - Purple Violet State Tree - White Oak State Bird - Cardinal State Animal - White Tailed Deer State Capital - Springfield State Song MOTTO State Sovereignty, National Union. Highest Temp. 117F
Lowest Temp. -36F Average Precipitaion
74.58 inches of rain
105.1 inches of snow Earthquakes happen once a year! Easter Week Tornado in 2006 -- many tornados in Western IL. Average Winter temps (22 F in the North to 37F in the South) Average Summer Temps (70F in the North to 77F in the South) Corn State Insect Soybeans - Enough to fill 118,000 school buses! Pigs! Growers in Illinois harvest about 33,000 acres of sweet corn each year. Some of it is eaten as corn-on-the-cob, but most is put into cans. 550 different types of soil are found in Illinois. It is one of the most fertile lands in the world. 4th in the Nation w/ 8 million per year. Landforms Gulf Coastal Plains Central Plains Great Lakes Plains Highest Point - Charles Mound, at 1,235 ft. Total Land area - 55,593 sq. mi Natural Resources State Mineral - Flourite Fertile Soil Petroleum Coal Manufacturing One of the top states in the Nation (#5 in 2006) Companies - Kraft, Sarah Lee, Boeing, Caterpillar Chemical Manufacturing
Food Government Gov. Pat Quinn 19 Representatives and 2 Senators Population - 12,900,000 Standard II.4 Regions, Patterns, and Processes
All students will describe and compare characteristics of
ecosystems, states, regions, countries, major world regions,
and patterns and explain the processes that created them.
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