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Teaching Pronunciation

No description

Delpha Thomas

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Pronunciation

Individual Sounds Individual Words Phrases and Sentences Teaching Pronunciation A visual/kineasthetic approach
and beyond... I find phonetic charts confusing-
how can I expect my students to understand
them? I'm not really sure how to teach pronunciation... * The phonemic chart shows a system of relationships

* We can use mime and gestures to demonstrate the sounds

*Written activities can help reinforce the relationship between symbol, sound and spelling

*Minimal pairs can also help students to isolate sounds

*Download the ap and practice at home! What is word stress? louder


longer What is "unstress"? *Word stress is key to understanding

*You can't have stress without "unstress"!

*We can use a variety of visual and physical techniques to convey stress and unstress to students When I'm teaching pronunciation, how can I break the tired old routine of "model, repeat, model, repeat..."? ə ə *Assign each student a syllable in a word and ask them to sit or stand to show word stress

*Use your fingers to aid or correct word stress
or other difficulties with a "problem word"
(this takes practice!)

*Do "mumble drills"
*Connected Speach


*Rhythm *Students should be aware of connected speech, rhythm, and intonation

*We can use visual cues to help students
with macro-level pronunciation

*Jazz chants are a good resource (they make drilling fun!)
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