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Project Based Learning

No description

Mackenzie Kraus

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Project Based Learning

Why Project Based Learning?
What is Project Based Learning?
Email: mekraus@fcps.edu
Project Based


Are students engaged?
I. Entry Event: Exciting introduction that gets students in the role they will be working on.

II. Driving Question: Guides us through the project.

III. Need to Know:
List generated by the students of what they need to know to accomplish their task. We check these off as we learn them.

Ongoing parts of the PBL process
Need to Know:
-who changed the world
-how did they change the world
-when did they change the world
-facts vs. opinions and how to use them
-persuasive techniques including word choice
-how to write a letter
-what is a journalist ?
-magazine features and how to create them
-where and how to research
-what technology is available to us?
-how to organize information
-what is a biography?

Sample Portrait of a Graduate rubric
Project based learning helps increase student engagement.
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