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Mysterious King

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A Minecraft Building Guide to...
How to make your own
sustainable house
Materials to use~~
Adobe is of the oldest building material that has been used by humans over the century. Adobe is a good building material to build your house with because it is a good thermal mass material. It takes in heat in the morning and releases the stored heat at night and it does not harm the human body. Adobe is an inexpensive building material too. On the other hand, adobe does not survive earthquakes and water every well, but it can also be painted. Adobe is an environmentally friendly building material because it does not harm the environment or any living things and it does not require many energy to make an adobe.(Quentin Wilson, N.D)
How to make one?
To make adobe, you just need some sand, clay and water.*adding straw into the mixture is a great idea because it helps making the adobe stronger. After mixing all of the material together, leave the mixture to dry under the sun. (Quentin Wilson, N.D)
Chapter 1
A secret way to clean walls
1) Vacuum with a brush attachment to remove loose dirt.
2) Mix vinegar, ammonia, baking soda and warm water.
3) Moisten sponge/cloth with water and the mixture.
4) Clean from bottom to top.
5) Rinse sponge/cloth with clean water from second bucket.
6) Repeat steps 1 to 5 on another wall
7) Dry walls with cloth if needed.
* if you don't trust your mixture, test it somewhere you don't like
Pest and harmful insects
getting rid of pest and harmful insects is not a good job when you want to get rid of them eco-friendly. Using pesticides is not the eco friendliest way because they can harm the environment and the human body too. These are some ways that you can get rid of them without harming the environment or you!
How to get rid of...
Feeding ants grits is one of the effective way, because grits expand when consumed, when the ants eat the grits, their body will expand and die. (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
Roaches find their way into your home through small holes or cracks. Because of this, you can fill the entrance hole with caulk. However, if you miss one small crack or hole, they will also get in through those holes. (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
Another way of getting rid of cockroaches is to mix baking soda and sugar together. The sugar acts like a bait and the baking soda acts like the poison! (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
Wasp is a deadly and very territorial creatures, getting rid of the can be really dangerous. The best time of getting rid of wasp is at dusk or night, because the wasp will be sleeping and they don't fly very fast when the air is wet. The least costly way to get rid of them is to pour hot water on to their nest. But this method will be very dangerous it is advised that once you have pour the hot water you better start running away! * wear
1) dry cloths 4) 1/2 cup of vinegar
2) vacuum with brush attachment 5) 1/4 cup of baking soda
3) 1 cup of ammonia 6) 1 gallon of warm water
*two buckets are really helpful too
thick clothing if you don't run fast* Another way of getting rid of wasp does not require to run away, you just need to mix vinegar, water, sugar and some dish soap too. If you think killing the minions is useless, try adding some meat into the mixture and leave the mixture near the hives!! the meat and sugar acts as the bait, and the mixture kills it. (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
And here is a little secret ingredients for all of you lazy humans~~
Diatomaceous earth!!!
Diatomaceos earth is a powder that is made from ground up sea shells of a tiny creature called diatom. This powder is odorless and non toxic. You can get some of these powder in the garden centre and they are quite expensive too. (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
How does these things work?!?
When you sprinkle some of these thing where the insects walk through, their skin or exoskeletons will be cut by these powders, and then they will be dehydrated and die, (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
There are many ways to get rid of rats, the most effective way however is to adopt a cat. The other way of getting rid of them using peppermint oil. First use wet a cotton ball with some peppermint oil. Then place it where rats like to wonder. Why will this work? Because rat has poor eyesight but they have good sense of smell. (Kathryn Thomas,Mar 2 2007)
Alternatives for toxic household materials
Most household materials that your using can be bad for the environment or the human body. There are many alternatives for you to replace these household materials.
* because there are too many stains to remove with too many different types of materials, this prezi presents you some of them.
1) vinegar 4) enzymes
2) cold salt water 5) sodium perborate.
3) baking soda 6) freezer
1) beer
2) berries
3) fruit
4)coffee and tea
5) ....
Cold salt water
1) blood
Baking soda
1) cigarettes
2) perfume
3) essential oil
4) vomit
1) eggs
2) chocolate
3) ice cream
Sodium perborate
1) chewing gum
2) crayon
3) candle wax/wax
1) clothing
2) yellow stains form coffee or tea
Mosquito repellent
Because we are living in a hot and wet climate, there will be more mosquitoes here than other climates. Mosquitoes are the most annoying bugs and can be really deadly. They not only leave itchy bites they sometimes leave deadly deceases like H1N1. Most of the mosquito repellent you can buy contains DEET, a chemical which will cause harm to the human skin. These are the ways on how to deal with them without getting yourself harmed.
Making a natural mosquito repellant?
Mosquito repellants you make can be better than the ones you buy, because it does not contain DEET(hope that you wont add these in your mixture),but you need to apply them frequently.
Oil of lemon eucalyptus- this is the only plant-based repellent that the United states centers for disease control and prevention. These oil are also effective against deceased mosquito.

IR3535- it is the same version of animo acids in vitamin B. It has the same effects with DEET but there aren't any side effects report yet. IR3535 is not only effective against mosquitoes, it is also effective against ticks or lice.
Annie B.Bond. (N.D)Eco-Friendly Secrets to Removing 15
Common Stains. http://life.gaiam.com/article/eco-friendly-secrets-removing-15-common-stains.
EJas Eco S.A.F.E Panels. (N.D).
How to Clean Stuff.(N.D).How to clean walls.
Kathryn Thomas. (Mar 2, 2007). How to Get Rid of Bugs Without
Using Dangerous Pesticides. http://voices.yahoo.com/how-rid-bugs-without-using-dangerous-pesticides-220160.html?cat=32.
KasoxD. (N.D). Cockroach! Minecraft skin.
Quentin Wilson. (N.D) Adobe.
- cant move freely after place
- adds tons of weight on foundation
- must be build on a firm surface if not it will crack
-requires many energy to make them
+ stable
+/- does not let air does not go pass through them quickly
Why use this?
When you have this?
with any colour you want!!
+ Eco friendly
+ low cost
+ good thermal mass
+ does not require many energy to make them
- does not survive earthquakes and water well
All you need is
your good ol mixing stick
how to make bricks?
A hole
A bunch of other stuff
Do not use toxic household cleaning products!
What Do We Use then?
Use These As an alternatives...!!
cold water with salt!
Sodium perborate
Sodium powder
Do not worry!
In this chapter, you will learn what kind of plant/animal that will be suitable for your home and how to keep them alive.
Near the equator...
Plants to plant!
1) Aloe Vera= A succulent plant that helps clear formaldehyde and benzene. It is good for your kitchen because most of the kitchen cleaning products you use contains these chemicals. Its jell can use for healing cuts and burns. (Julie Knapp, May 19 2011)
2)Spider Plant= A plant with very long leaves that helps destroy benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. It is a good idea to put it in your kitchen or fireplace (I personally do not think you have one) because those are the place which contains many carbon monoxide. (Julie Knapp, May 19 2011)
3)Laurentii= This plant is one of the best plant that removes formaldehyde, which you can find mostly in cleaning products or toilet papers. It a good idea to put it in the toilet because these plants are capable to survive in steamy and they does not require a lot of sunlight. (Julie Knapp, May 19 2011)
Reference list
Alka Sharma. (N.D.). Spider Plant.
a-Z animals (N.D.). Gecko
Better Homes and Gardens. (N.D.). How to Grow Healthy Plants.
eartheasy. (N.D.). Natural Garden Pest Control
Russell C,& Mott, Bailey Hortorium. 2001. Growing Conditions for Indoor Plants.
Julie Knapp. (May 19 2011).15 houseplant to improve indoor air
quality. http://www.mnn.com/health/healthy-spaces/stories/15-houseplants-to-improve-indoor-air-quality.
Kate Bradley. (4 April 2013). Helpful wildlife that keep pests out of the
veg patch.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/howtogrow/9970186/Helpful-wildlife-that-keep-pests-out-of-the-veg-patch.html
Kathryn Thomas. (Mar 2, 2007). How to Get Rid of Bugs
Without Using Dangerous Pesticides. http://voices.yahoo.com/how-rid-bugs-without-using-dangerous-pesticides-220160.html?cat=32.
*ba dumm tssss*
Plants that cleans air
4)Bamboo Palm= A chamaedorea plant that comes from America. These plant helps clean the air by filtering benzene and trichloroethylene.This type of plant is best placed around furniture and they produce flowers and berries too.(Julie Knapp, May 19 2011)
5)Weeping Fig= These plants are good to be placed near carpets and furniture, because they filters pollutants from them such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. However, these plants can be tricky to take care of.(Julie Knapp, May 19 2011)
here are some information on how to get rid of them!
Cleaning clothes is boring...
How do you clean walls without toxic chemicals instead!!??
Here is a secret ingredient that I've found....
You'll need...
(for the cockroach)
x 2
1/4 cup of Baking soda
Dry cloths
brush attachment
1 cup of
1/2 cup of
Buckets would be nice
First vacuum the wall with the bursh attachment attach to it.
Second, mix the baking soda, ammonia,vinegar and warm water together.
Third, soak the dry cloths with mixture.
Fourth, start cleaning from top to bottom.
Fifth, repeat step 1,2,3,4 on the other wall.
Sixth, sit back, relax, and have a good time
*Dry walls if needed
1 gallon of
warm water
Nice blood
you have there...
before spraying that thing...
remember it could harm your body..
Try some of these!
This is the oil of
lemon eucalyptus
And this is RT3535
These mosquito repellant is safe to use because they do not contain DEET. A substance that can be found in most mosquito repellant
How to take care of them?
Conditions for plants
1) plenty of room (Sara Elliott,N.D.)
2) Knowing how bright is the room (Sara Elliott,N.D.)
3) Knowing how moist is the air (Sara Elliott,N.D.)
4) Knowing the temperature (Sara Elliott,N.D.)
Keeping the plants healthy
1) you need to water them daily, make sure the water drain through the pots smoothly. If not it will rot the roots (Russell C,& Mott, Bailey Hortorium ,2001)
2) turn the pots regularly to make sure plants grow evenly (Russell C,& Mott, Bailey Hortorium ,2001)
3) do not use a lot of fertilizers because herbs likes moderate to poor soil (Russell C,& Mott, Bailey Hortorium ,2001)
4) plug weeds regularly out of the pots, because they can kill your plants really fast (Better Homes and Gardens,N.D.)
How to protect your plants from pest?
Pest that will harm your plant
1) Aphid(Plant Fair Nursery, N.D.) 4) ...
2) Cabbage Looper (worm)(Plant Fair Nursery, N.D.)
3) Cutworm(Plant Fair Nursery, N.D.)
Pest that infects your house is different from pest that destroys your plant. These pest will not only destroy your plants, they will also transmit decease to your plants.
The easiest way to prevent these insects is to discourage them from coming in your garden in the first place. It is also advised that if you just bought a new plant, remember to isolate it by itself because that plant maybe infested with decease or pest.
1) Pull out weak plants! these plants maybe infested if not, dispose them as well, because they will attract predators. (eartheasy, N.D.)
2) Use Seaweed Mulch/spray as your fertilizer, because these fertilizers helps promote healthy development to the soil! (eartheasy, N.D.)
3) Minimize insects habitat! Clear weeds which are breeding places for these pest (eartheasy, N.D.)
4) Keep the plants leaves dry! By doing this, you discourage these pest and fungus to damage your plant (eartheasy, N.D.)
5) Put your plants randomly in order, because most of the pest choose certain type of plants to grow. (eartheasy, N.D.)
Animals that can help you!
Most people like to adopt pets. Especially little kids who like strange animals. Although taking care of these could be tricky, these animals will also take care of your home too!
Animals that help killing pest
Animals that eat pest can be really helpful, they save up many time and money. But be careful if your hungry cat or dog eats them!
1) Geckos= These lizards is carnivorous and they like to eat cockroaches. But be careful! Their predators include snakes, reptiles, birds, spiders and some mammals. (Kathryn Thomas, Mar 2, 2007)
2) Hedgehogs= These spiky animals eat snails, slugs, beetles that is damaging your plants. These animals small and they need extra care like making little steps in your garden pond to let them climb up, and cover your drains nicely if not they will be stuck in that or they will be resting in the scrub. (RSPCA, N.D.)
3) Frogs= These animals can help you eat insects and bugs that is infesting your garden. However, they can be a pest because their population can grow really fast because there aren't any predators to eat them and they also lay many eggs. It is a good idea to put fishes in your pond when you think their population is high (Kate Bradley, 4 April 2013)
4) Pond Fishes= these kind of fish is no ordinary fish, these fishes are suitable for outdoor life. These fishes is easy to be fed because you do
Lianne Mcleod. (N.D.). Frogs and Ponds
Phil Bergman. (N.D.). THE BAMBOO PALM.
http://www.junglemusic.net/the_bamboo_palm/bamboo_palm.html .
Plant Fair Nursery. (N.D.). Harmful insects
RSPCA. (N.D.). Hedgehogs in the garden
Sara Elliott. (N.D.). How to Grow Indoor Herb Garden.
http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/how-to-grow-your-own-indoor-herb-garden.htm .
Van Ness Water Graden. (N.D.). Fish For Your Pond
not need to feed them at all!! Because they eat the eggs of the pest/pest itself. You can even bury their dead bodies in the soil to fertilize it! (Van Ness Water Graden, N.D.)
Beneficial insects
Not all insects and worms are pests, some insects actually eats pests. These insects are called beneficial insects. They do not only help you kill your pest, they also helps you fertilize your soil. But not all beneficial insects that will help you, for example wasp.
1) Brachonids, Chalcids= These insects helps eat caterpillars that eats your leaves. You can attract them by planting carrots, celery and many more. (eartheasy, N.D.)
2) Lady Bugs= These pretty red bug eats aphids, mites, whiteflies and scales. They are attracted to tansy or yarrow (eartheasy, N.D.)
3) Lacewings= These bugs are consumers of aphids, their larva eats aphids too and other varieties of other insect pests. They are attracted to yarrow, goldenrod, black-eyed susan's and asters. if you can't buy these flowers, you can purchase it online! (eartheasy, N.D.)
4) Earthworms= These are not bugs or insects, instead of eating pest these worms help fertilize your soil by pooping! (eartheasy, N.D.)
Abiotic factors
1) The plants use sunlight for photosynthesis.
2) Rain helps water the plants.
3) Soil provide nutrients for the plants.
4) The house provides shelter for us/plants.
5) Pest are killed/discourage by organic methods
6) The remains of the dead bodies are decomposed, returning nutrients to the ground
7) We use different kinds of materials that cost lesser, uses less energy to make and friendly to the environment to make things that would be useful and beneficial for us.
8) The pollution level in the pond/soil.
9) Natural disasters like: flood
10) Geothermal energy
11) The oxygen quality
12) Climate change
Biotic factors
1) Animals feeding on other animals or plants
2) Mating season
3) Watering our plants
4) Fertilizing our plants
5) Animals make different kinds of noises
6) We harvest the plants we've planted
7) Plants improve our oxygen quality
8) We breath out carbon dioxide for the plants
9) Greenery pleases our eyes
Plants that improve the quality of your oxygen!!
Cleaner air!
What do these plants do?
These plants helps you remove harmful gases that is released in your home! like your kitchen, carpet and many other more
How do we keep them healthy?
Follow these steps!
1. Give them many space
2. knowing how moist the
air, how bright is the room
and the temperature of the room
Pull out
Use lesser
What are these?
These are pest that is destroying your garden.
Oh my god
we are going
to die!
Have no fear! because these animals helps you get rid of them!
More insects!
Yes! Insects like these!
lady bugs!
Whats happening in your garden?
then mr smarty pants?
1) Animals feeding on other animals or plants
2) Mating season
3) Watering our plants
4) Fertilizing our plants
5) Animals make different kinds of noises
6) We harvest the plants we've planted
7) Plants improve our oxygen quality
8) We breath out carbon dioxide for the plants
9) Greenery pleases our eyes
1) The plants use sunlight for photosynthesis.
2) Rain helps water the plants.
3) Soil provide nutrients for the plants.
4) The house provides shelter for us/plants.
5) Pest are killed/discourage by organic methods
6) The remains of the dead bodies are decomposed, returning nutrients to the ground
7) We use different kinds of materials that cost lesser, uses less energy to make and friendly to the environment to make things that would be useful and beneficial for us.
8) The pollution level in the pond/soil.
9) Natural disasters like: flood
10) Geothermal energy
11) The oxygen quality
12) Climate change
Energy to use!
Energy is very important for us, because of energy we can power our computer, TVs and many more! In my opinion, geothermal energy is the best energy to use because its:
+ Renewable (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Clean and cost-efficient (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Does not consume large amount of energy to work (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Does not need the weather to co-operate (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Can generate electricity 24/7 365 days. (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Does not release as much green house gasses as burning coal (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ Does not need a large amount of land to build the generator (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
+ And many more (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
- Makes many noises (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
- Weather changes due to emissions of the steam (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
- Cost a lot of money to build (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
- May cause landslide due to the steam that is contributing water to the soil (Medford Taylor, N.D.)
How does it work?
Geothermal energy is the heat that is generated deep underground, it is renewable because the rain will replenish the water for it to boil. This is how they work!
1) Drill a hole between 1.9 and 6.9 miles deep underground. (Andy Darvill,Feb 27 2012)
2) Drill another hole between 1.9 and 6.9 miles deep underground. (it must be near the other hole) (Andy Darvill,Feb 27 2012)
3) Put a water pump on one of the hole (pumps water in), while the other needs a turbine and a generator. (generate electricity) (Andy Darvill,Feb 27 2012)
Andy Darvill.Feb 27, 2012. Energy Resources:Geothermal power.
Discovery channel. (N.D.). How deep does
an engineered geothermal system well have to go?. http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/de p-engineered-geothermal-system-well.
Eartheasy. (N.D.). Energy Efficient Lighting.
Medford Taylor. (N.D.). Geothermal Energy
Slock62. May 5, 2011. Adobe Brick Building And Energy
Efficiency. http://slock62.hubpages.com/hub/Straw-Brick-Building-And-Energy-Efficiency
Tom Turner.June,21,2007. Marble Flooring is A Good
Choice In Certain Situations http://ezinearticles.com/?Marble-Flooring-Is-A-Good-Choice-In-Certain-Situations&id=615952.
Energy saving trust. (N.D.). Windows.
United States Environment Protection agency.
Dec 19 2012. Reducing Energy Use.http://www.epa.gov/greenhomes/ReduceEnergy.htm.
United States Environment Protection agency.
May 16 2012. Water Efficient shower heads
Geothermal energy is renewable, efficient and most of all clean. Our future generations will need to depend on a energy that has these conditions, because most of the nonrenewable resources have been dug out from the ground. When these resources are depleted they will not being able to generate electricity. This will be a huge problem because we now depend on electricity so much that we can find them almost everywhere. Being renewable is not going to be enough because our population are growing rapidly. When our population is growing, we would also need a large amount of electricity for us to survive. (Discovery Channel, N.D.)
Physical structures
Physical structures is very important for our home, because we can know when to turn off the lights (sunlight) or which direction will be much cooler (wind). Therefore, we can save energy and money at the same time too.
Windows can decrease heat from any properties, installing a energy-efficient window can help you with keeping your home cooler/warmer and quieter. Double glazed windows are windows that have two sheet of glass with a 16mm gap between them. It is good because the gap is filled with air. Because air is a bad conductor, the heat will not escape or enter the room easily.(Energy saving trust, N.D.)
Consider using adobe is a good choice for the wall because they are one the most strongest and durable material, they are also a good thermal mass material. Meaning they keep the hot air inside in the morning and they release them at night. (Slock62, May,5,2011)
Marble is a very durable flooring and it is very easy to clean. Marbles reflects lights very good, therefore we do not need many lights to light up our home in the morning. Although there are so many pros, there are also cons for example they cost a lot, they are very slippery therefore when something is spilled, they will extend very fast. (Tom Turner,June,21,2007)
Designing a house
When it comes to designing a house. Many people can design the house nicely, but are they energy efficient? These are some ways you can use to design your energy-efficient home!
1) Close gaps, because they let air flow in and out freely. These gaps will make your home cooling and heating system to work harder. (United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
2) Use geothermal energy because it can help you with the heating and cooling system. (United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
3) Make a indoor garden to filter your air, these gardens can save you money from buying air refresher. (United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
4) Put in little holes/ceiling fans on the ceilings where there are places that produces heat, like the bathroom. Putting in holes is a good idea because hot air is lighter then cold air. The heat will be release on the ceiling. (United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
5) Build overhanging roofs to avoid sunlight coming in.
6) Depend on your choice use dark colour to absorb heat and light colour to release heat. (United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
7) Daylighting is to use the sunlight to provide light to reduce artificial light. You can save lots of money and energy this way.
(United States Environment Protection agency, Dec,19,2012)
Water/Energy-efficient Applications to use!
1) Replace your old toilet bowl with dual flush toilets! These toilet bowls have two options for you to use: low flush toilet and a regular flush toilet. The low flush toilet allows you to flush less than one gallon of water, and the regular flush toilet allows you to flush 1.6 gallons of water. (United States Environment Protection agency, May 16 2012)
2) Use high efficiency shower heads, these shower heads helps you save 25-60 % of your bill. They have only 2.5 gpm(gallons per minute) (United States Environment Protection agency, May 16 2012)
3) Energy efficient lightbulbs like Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) are very good for lighting because they consume less energy and the give off bright lights. (Eartheasy, N.D.)
Water and energy efficient applications are very important because they not only saves many water and energy, they also saves your money
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
work cited: (Annie B.Bond, N.D)
work cited:(How to Clean Stuff, N.D)
Geothermal ENERGY!!
What Geothermal Energy?
Geothermal Thermal Energy!
The heat that is generated deep
in the earth!
Why do we need know about
Geothermal energy?
We need know about geothermal energy because, we can use them to generate power! Here is an example!
How does these work?
First you dig a hole until the
hot region.
Then you dig another hole beside it!
Then build a power on top of it!
This helps to replenish water to the ground!
This helps turns the turbine which is attached by a generator in the power station!
This helps generate electricity
for us to use!
Why is this good for our
future generation?
Generating electricity with these is very good because it is renewable, efficient and clean!
Stress on paying bills?
Im watching you!
*le government
Have no fear! because this is someways you can do to your house to reduce the amount of your bills!
Use Adobe for
your walls!
Marble for
Double glazed
Why are the bills still
the same?

did you covered gaps in your home?
Not sure....
Well... try some of these ways to save
more energy!
1) Close gaps
2) Use geothermal energy
3) Make an indoor garden
4) read the report for more information!
Thanks a lot!
Can i still reduce the bills?
of course you can! By buying energy/water efficient applications!
High Efficiency
Shower Heads!
Chapter 4
Earth and Space science
Space technology has been used on earth for many years, these technology makes our lives relatively easier. Here are some examples:
1) Cordless Tools= These are tools that runs on battery. Astronaut to repair or maintain their ship (Cheryl L. Mansfield, N.D.)
2) Water Filters= These are used to recycle waster water produced by astronauts. (Cheryl L. Mansfield, N.D.)
3) Smoke Detector= Detects smoke when in space, to warn astronauts that there's a fire.(Cheryl L. Mansfield, N.D.)
4) Containers and Plastic Beverages= These are used to package foods and drinks for the astronauts to use. (Cheryl L. Mansfield., N.D.)
5) Fire Fighting Equipment= These are use to put out fire when there's a fire. (Irene Klotz, March 4 2009)
AllAboutWater. (N.D.). 10 benefits of using filter water.
Cheryl L. Mansfield. (N.D.). They Came From Outer
Space! http://www.nasa.gov/vision/earth/technologies/home_products.html.
Irene Klotz. March 4 2009. NASA eyes firefighting gear
for Orion
Power Tools. April 15 2013. 3 Unknown Benefits Of
Cordless Tools. http://makitatools12blog.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/3-unknown-benefits-of-cordless-tools/
Space technology is so commonly used, we can find one just by stretching our hand. For example, a computer. NASA had developed technology that not only can make our lives simple, it also helps us know the awareness of our surrounding. These are the benefits of...
1) Cordless Tools= When we use a cordless tool, it is much safer and efficient than power tools that have cords. Because we are less likely to trip on cordless tool because there are no wires laying around, they also do not need extenders to power them. (Power Tools. April 15 2013)
2) Water Filters= These filters helps filters dirty water and at the same time, it greatly reduces the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer. (AllAboutWater, N.D.)
3) Smoke Detector= These detectors helps you detect smoke, they helps you become more aware of surrounding by alarming you there's a smoke somewhere nearby.
4) Containers and Plastic Beverages= Containers helps you keep your food warm for a long period of time. Plastic beverages helps keeping your water safe. These are helpful because it saves up a lot of time for making it hot or preparing it
5)Fire fighting Equipment= These can help you take out fire instantly, even quicker than water.
Space, where millions or billions of star together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction...
Launch all the rockets!
But how do you make one?
Rockets are very complicated to build! however, you can find some parts of the rocket in your house!
Im an astronaut!

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