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All About Me

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
About Where I'm Studying
I'm studying in Willow Bend Elementary school. I'm in
Mrs . Vatch's class I've one special teacher too. The one special teacher is Mrs Pitcher.
About My Family
My family is a join family
In my family their is a grandfather, grandmother,uncle,aunt,my dad,my mom,my brother and cousin brother
My family is a happy family
About My House
My house is a new house
In my house their a fish tank
I've beautiful garden behind my house
I've two pets in my house
My house is a beautiful house
I've a computer and an IPAD too.
DUBAI is the small state in Arabia. The tallest building in the world is in DUBAI. DUBAI is also called UAE. UAE means United Arabian Emirates. DUBAI is the beautiful place ever I had seen.
About My Hobbies
My hobbies are drawing picture's, playing basket ball and reading books.
This presentation is by Alvin George
Thank you for watching this presentation
Hi! my name is Alvin George
I'm 10 year's old
All About DUBAI
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