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Life on Other Planets?

A presentation about life on other planets, and how you as an indviual describe the term "life".

Tanya Patrawala

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Life on Other Planets?

By: Tanya Patrawala and Tanvin Juneja Life on Other Planets! The Solar System Kepler 22b Notes about Kepler What would you look for if you were an astronaut? Living Conditions of Life Is there life on other planets? 600 light years away
290 earth days to orbit its star
is twice the size of Earth
Average temperature is 22 degrees!!
has oceans and continents
right in the centre of the stars habitable zone where it is perfect for conditions exist for life You might have seen these headings before : The answer is ........ NO ONE KNOWS!!! IF you don't remember anything we just said remember this original song ! Thank you!
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