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Guru - Sales Promotion 2013

No description

Lwula R.

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Guru - Sales Promotion 2013

GURU energy drink

Sales Promotion 2013 Creative Execution - BILLBOARD Increase sales by 20%
Increase awareness by 70% TARGET MARKET AND Objectives Positioning as healthy and organic
creates the misconception that the
product is not as effective as other regular
energy drinks. Communication Problem Created in 1999 by François Bazinet and Ray Jolicoeur
100% natural, certified organic ingredients (no preservatives, no artifical ingredients)
Market share : 0.4% in Canada
One can : $2.49
Previous partnerships: Igloofest, Fantasia Film Festival, Mutek, Divers/Cité, ...

Guru Overview Competitive Landscape $386 million in 2011
8% growth in value per year
4% growth in volume per year
Expected to reach $923 million by 2016
Rising health concerns (i.e. :harmful ingredients)
Trend of positioning drinks away from clubbing/socializing market Overall Industry AGENDA 1. Pre-Testing
Concept Testing
Copy Testing
Survey Mall Intercept
2. Post-Testing
Aided Recall Test

3. Coupon Usage and Sales Difference Evaluation Media Cost = $33 504
Lounges = $305 559
Total Cost = $339 063 Schedule and Budget Creative Execution - Coupon Creative Execution - guru lounge model Creative Execution - mobile truck billboards Out-of-home (OOH) Traditional
Mobile Truck
OOH Non Traditional
Guru Lounge on Campus Creative Strategy Primary Data Guru Lite Energy Drink 250ml Guru Energy Drink 250ml Product Line Green= Guru Lounge Orange = Mobile Billboard Truck Red = "Pass by Guru Lounge" ads thank you 1. Overall Industry 2. Competitive Landscape 3. GURU Energy Drink Overview 4. Competition Product Line 5. Primary Data 6. Communication Problem and Objectives 7. Creative Strategy and Execution 8. Schedule and Budget 9. Evaluation Are you aware of
organic energy drinks? Do you think that organic energy drinks
are _______ effective than
normal energy drinks? Are you aware of the GURU energy
drink? Do you think energy drinks
have ____ on health? Have you ever purchased
GURU Energy Drink? Would you purchase
an organic energy drink? CREATIVE EXECUTION - POSTERS Our Target Market : 18 to 24 years old
Males and Females
Active Lifestyle
Active on Social Media
Health Awareness/Curiosity
"Work Hard, Party Hard" Mentality
Favourable Brand Switchers
-Blitz Media- mobile billboard truck map * Red Bull:
43% of total retail volume sales
23.1% market share
Red Bull Stratos PORTFOLIO TEST ex. - Blitz Media -
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