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What I Have Learned This Semester

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Ashley Graef

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of What I Have Learned This Semester

What I Have Learned This Semester
Ashley Graef
Starting from the Ground Up
This semester, I came in knowing how powerful the Internet's influence is on culture, particularly within my own generation. This course has reaffirmed that my generation is definitely hooked onto media via the Internet and other generations are slowly becoming captivated, as well. Internet tools have become easy ways for us to read the news, watch videos, and even schedule our daily lives. The new tools we learned about in CISC101 have definitely confirmed by beliefs that the Internet and its media are very popular tools and are becoming increasingly more popular.
More than Simply Job Skills
This Week's Cool Tool
This week, I learned about the Cool Tool called Jott. Jott is a cell phone application that allows people in a local area to text via Bluetooth. Users will not be charged for using Jott because it does not use data nor the Internet. Instead, messages are sent through an offline mesh network. This makes texting in locations without signal, like on flights, very easy and more convenient for a group of people in one place.
How do My Posts Sound to Me?
To be honest, I really cannot describe how my posts sound. But the irony out of that is I feel as if my posts are very honest. I've written how I truly feel about the prompts I've been given and try to make them a bit personal so that they aren't dry as a bone. It's kind of cool to see separate blog posts that have slowly come together to make one blog. I didn't think it could be that easily done, but I've learned that when you take the time out of your day to write a blog post, you can really accomplish a lot.
College: Preparation for a Job or Preparation for Life?
I definitely see college as life-training. It's the first taste we have at freedom. We thought getting our driver's license was cool, but now we're living on our own and on our own schedule. It's a huge jump, but college definitely prepares us to live independently one day and balance all aspects of our lives.
College is more than just job skills. It's about building relationships with people you may be connected with for the rest of your life. It's about being able to balance your academics, work life, and social life. College gives you a taste of independence and a whiff of what life in the real world is like. College shapes the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is definitely more than just learning job skills.
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