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Peer Pressure

No description

Aoi Akiyama

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Peer Pressure

What is Peer Pressure?

Teenagers, drugs, alcohol, depression,and stress. All of these are similar one way or another, they also can be caused by on factor: peer pressure. One problem that the youth faces these days is peer pressure. Are you wearing the latest trends, do you smoke, only cool people go to parties and drink.
Examples of peer pressure in teenagers
Some examples of positive peer pressure are
-Going to college can be positive for your future

-Following the rules can keep you out of trouble and focus on what is important.

-Showing up at school on time helps you learn discipline

-Respecting others will help you go far and will lead to people treating you well.
Being honest helps people trust you.

Peer pressure can be positive
People who are same as everyone make well accepted in a group. However, people who don't want to be same as everyone make rejected in a group.

How to prevent?
Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure
By: Hinaki Akiyama, Aoi Akiyama, Manuela Attianesi, Júlia Attianesi, Yaechan Kim, Minjae Kim, Taehoon Kim, Haun Park, Doyoung Park and Dokyun Shin
Your Life Counts. (n.d.). Retrieved May 11, 2016, from http://www.yourlifecounts.org/blog/20-ways-avoid-peer-pressure


Peer pressure (or social pressure) is influence a peer group, observers, or an individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to those of the influencing group or individual.
1. Say “No” like you mean it
2.Back-up a no with a positive statement
3. Be repetitive
4.Get away from the pressure zone
5.Use the buddy system
6.Look for positive role models
7.Don’t buy the line that everyone’s doing it.
8.Don’t pressure others.
9.Consider the results of giving in.
10. Find new friends.
Why is it important?
Peer pressure often happens because you don’t want to be alone or left out. So you go with what other people think in order for them to include you. A peer can be anyone around the same age-as you, like a friend, classmate, or even someone you seen on TV and admire. You might try to live up to people’s expectations, but it’s important to be mindful to not have other people’s expectations cloud what you want.
Who establishes what is well accepted and what is rejected in a group?
Hinaki Akiyama, Aoi Akiyama, Manuela Attianesi, Júlia Attianesi, Yaechan Kim, Minjae Kim, Taehoon Kim, Haun Park, Doyoung Park and Dokyun Shin
Video- Teenagers and Peer Pressure
Adult Peer Pressure
Adults also have peer pressure some examples of it are:
Having a maid because others in your peer group has.
Sending your children in to a certain school
Wearing a special clothe because all of the people in your group have.
Negative Peer Pressure
This type of peer pressure is more common in teenagers some examples of it are:
Try drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes
Cheating on tests
To exclude or bully a certain person
Peer Pressure real life situation
Mike (aged 16) says:
“I smoked my first cigarette when I was 11. I didn’t want to but all my friends were smoking and I didn’t want to be out of the group. Once I’d started I couldn’t stop. I was addicted… I wish I hadn’t started. I knew it was wrong and I didn’t want to.”

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