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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

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Anna Kindyakova

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Real Life Situation
Real life situation
Knowledge Question
To what extent do arrange marriages accuse human rights?
Ways of knowing
Areas of Knowledge

Advantages and Disadvantages
Love marriage
Arranged marriage
Human Sciences
A marriage of two individuals based upon
mutual love
, affection, commitment and
A marriage planned and agreed upon
by the families
of the couple concerned.
Most common in the Western world.
Involves finding and choosing the "right" person, dating, establishing an exclusive relationship and getting married.
Prominent in South Asia and Middle-Eastern countries.
Involves broadcast of availability, photo exchange, background check, chatting through phone/social media, and marriage.
The match two people is made according to either: reputation, religion, wealth, social class.
Reason tells us that it's often wiser to follow your head rather than your heart , as love can often just be infatuation.
Emotion tells us that we should love the person and know the person well before marrying them because marriage is based on love, understanding and trust, presence of which could be questionable in an arranged marriage.
Love marriages
Arranged marriages
Love Marriages
Arranged marriages
What tells us if living in a marriage based on love is or isn't better than living in an arranged marriage based on factors other than mutual attraction?
Knowledge issue
Individual Right - as it is your life , you should be able to decide for yourself.
Informed decision - you know what to expect as you know your partner on a personal level.
Get to know each other before wedding so love and trust is already developed in the relationship.
Personal interest - you don't necessarily choose a person who is best for your family but who is best for you.
A romantic relationship - "Love will conquer all".
Equality in a relationship.
Don't need consent of parents.
According to statistics love marriages are less stable.
No background investigation done by parents or partners, therefore might be unaware of some important details in the "in love state".
Love is often said to fade by time (infatuation).
According to statistics arranged marriages are more stable - lower divorce rates.
Avoid incompatibilities regarding religion, education, class, dietary preferences, linguistic group, economic background, etc.
Lower expectations- as neither of the partners know what to expect they are often pleasantly surprised.
Wealth, health, habits, history and other background investigation done by parents - the future wife/husband and their family is aware of the significant details that they might not know otherwise.
Love often develops and grows through years of marriage.
You can't choose who you're going to marry- often forced marriage.
Need consent of parents.
The partners only get to know each other after the wedding - risk of disappointment or mismatch as the partner may be the best for the family, not for the individual.
Man almost always significantly more dominant in the relationship - domestic abuse said to be more common in arranged marriages.
Arranged Marriages
India divorce rate 1.1%
Global divorce rate for arranged marriages is 6%
Percentage of marriages in India that are arranged is 90%
Percentage of marriages in the world that are arranged is 55%
divorce rate for arranged marriages is 4%

Almost 60% would be happy to spend eternity with their partners, even if they are unhappy with their relationship
Love Marriages
The divorce rate for love marriages currently stands at 55%
After using areas of knowledge and ways of knowing to analyze this issue, we came to the conclusion that marriages based on love are not any more successful than arranged marriages. In fact, the likeliness of an arranged marriage being successful is much higher than of love marriage.
Ironically, the idea of love marriage is much more popular, especially in the western world, and is seen as much more natural than a marriage that was arranged. Yet over 55% of marriaged globally are still arranged and more successful.
There are several reasons behind this. The areas of knowledge helped us understand the social reasons. These are that in most countries where arranged marriage is prevalent, divorce is often socially as well as religiously and culturally unacceptable and looked down upon.
The reason behind this issue showed that the compatibility of the partners’ background is another contributing factor. This is achieved by the family’s investigation of the future spouse, as mentioned before. Also, often arranged marriages are driven by reason rather than feelings. Marriage is seen as a duty or responsibility and not just something that is done for yourself but your whole family. This motivates the couple to keep their relationship even in troublesome times.
Lastly, even emotion plays a role in the success of arranged marriage. Unlike in love marriages where love is developed before the wedding and on average fades away after the first four years of marriage, in an arranged marriage love is developed gradually over time. As the ecstatic “in love” phase often never really happens, the couples’ love is based more on respect, commitment and trust, which last longer.
So why are love marriages more liked? It is because of the lack of the exciting and romantic part of the relationship that people see in movies and crave for. However, this investigation showed us that the success of arranged marriage is not mainly based on adoration, but many other factors.
By: Sofia Meszaros and Anna Kindyakova
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