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Jo Sargent

Panda MadeMe

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of DELETE

We want to bring our work in the field to life
To transport the natural world into people’s pockets, classrooms and homes
To remind people just how amazing our planet is, why we need to protect it and how they can help.
This will give the network access to regularly updated material that will show people who we are and what we do
We will be collecting digital content in two ways: from field based contributors and using the latest data-streaming technology, ranging from remote-controlled planes tracking rhino poachers to audio-streams capturing the sound of glaciers calving. This raw content can then be repackaged by the network and used to reach multiple audiences.
Pictures can be sent via Flickr
Groups of content including text and images can be sent via email
or twitter - easy to use via SMS over low bandwidths
We've also designed simple forms for capturing information, which can be easily used on mobile phones
We have set up a pilot group of contributors, based in the Mara region of Kenya, who are helping us to test the system. The Mara ecosystem was chosen because it highlights the complex range of conservation issues faced across Africa.
Once content is pulled into the system, it can be accessed by WWF staff and repackaged - either as automated feeds...
...or as bespoke communication products, tailored to meet the needs of our wide range of audiences
an example of live data gathered by water monitoring equipment in the Mara River Basin, showing the health of the river in real time
A microsite tracking the translocation of a herd of elephants
Our contributors are already sending back stories from their daily work in the field, monitoring river flows, helping to register when elephant crop raiding occurs and tracking rhino across the region.
It's providing a fascinating insight into how WWF is really making a difference on the ground and we are now beginning to start feeding the content out to our audiences
What next?
We have created a prototype of a 'live' content management system
We want to create 10 WWF life ‘zones’ by the launch of Living Planet Report in October 2014

We will demonstrate the system's capacity to create fundraising and communications products and provide content to support global campaigns, GIs and core NO work

We will continue to work with the team in the Mara Zone to test how WWFlife content can be used to build online audiences and develop new fundraising streams

WWF-UK is committed to providing significant financial and human resource, however we will need key partner offices to help fund and/or host these zones
speed of response - getting content out of the field

duplication of work around the network

overwhelming demands placed on programmatic staff

a lack of agile content
Content is uploaded using simple, free services
In collaboration with other offices we want to build up a network of these WWFlife 'Zones', with contributors and equipment streaming content from our priority areas around the world into our CMS
We are working with communities in the region to tackle human wildlife conflict, prevent rhino poaching and to ensure the Mara river continues to provide clean water to the millions of people and animals that rely on it to survive
speed of response - getting content out of the field

duplication of work around the network

overwhelming demands
placed on programmatic staff

a lack of agile content
a ready made network of communicators able to supply content via a digital system will allow us to adapt to shifting public interest and the news agenda
a central hub for the network to access material would reduce the number of similar requests being made of programmatic offices
the project would help build comms capacity in our key regions, providing equipment, funding and staff to help run each zone
the system would provide raw digital content that could easily be edited and repackaged to provide products for key audiences
Current Barriers
WWFlife Solutions
If you would like to find out more or get involved then please contact:

Jo Sargent, Content Innovation Manager, WWF-UK

email: jsargent@wwf.org.uk
skype: johannah.sargent
tel: +44 (0) 7867 697 519
New communication channels are changing the way our audiences consume content.

To keep up with their expectations, we need to make a similar organisational shift in the way that we source and repackage our content.

WWFlife was developed in response to that need.
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