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Buying a house in the NL!

gemaakt door ShareAll


on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Buying a house in the NL!

Buying a House in the NL!
How to...
buy a house in the Netherlands
Short introduction
Rieks van den Berg
Freek Steijlen
To rent or to buy
mortgage vs rent
flexibility vs long term stay

The 9 steps of purchase
1. intake real estate agent
Transfer deed in Dutch (interpreter in English or...)
Fee vs expert guidance
fixed fee: €2000 incl. 21% VAT
What's next?
Experts in Real Estate, providing services on your behalf
prepare yourself for the NVM open house route
how to check?
9. what if...
8. last inspection/transfer
7. paperwork and wait
6. purchase agreement
5. negotiation proces
4. the checks
3. the visit(s)
2. the search/mortgage
appointment intake Rieks or Freek
guided bustour
NVM open house route
intake in English or Dutch
brochures in Dutch
purchase agreement in Dutch (English explanation)
asking price vs. market value
experts in negotiating
qualified certified agents and valuators
guidance in English
guidance througout the complete Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Kempen area
quick response (whatsapp)
network of experts present
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