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No description

Sunny Park

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Karms101_OPS


Lauren Howell
Brenda DiGarbo
Marianne Largi
Sunny Park
Overseeing Library Materials Budgets
• Processing journal entries, budget modifications and Library Materials debits and balances

• Coordination with the Division of Libraries’ Budget and Planning office

• Coordination with NYU Accounts Payable regarding invoice payments, purchase order creation, FAME/EDI, and special payment issues

• Preparing Budget Snapshot Reports and attending budget meetings
Managing External Contacts
• Vendor statement reconciliations

• Responding to payment status inquiries from NYU contacts and external stakeholders

• Coordinating with vendor sales and accounting representatives

• Overseeing Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s deposit account
Managing KARMS Departmental Budgets
• Managing student and casual employee expenditures

• Managing adjunct employee expenditures

• Managing KARMS OTPS budgets

• Creation of departmental blanket orders and monitoring of monthly activity

• Overseeing KARMS purchase orders
Quality Control For Aleph
• Maintaining vendor numbers and vendor contact information

• Ensuring correct budgets are assigned on invoices, and marking invoices to paid in Aleph

• Posting serials invoices

• Making weekly updates to the currency conversion tables
KARMS Facilities
• Relationships with service providers (space, furniture, equipment, supplies, telecommunications, security)

• Managing mailroom and KARMS mail services

• Managing accounts with courier services (UPS, USPS, DHL, Fed Ex), and overseeing shipping activities

• Overseeing departmental printers and leased equipment (copy machines, water filtration system)

• Coordination with NYU Facilities and Construction Management office

• Overseeing departmental sustainability initiatives
KARMS Human Resource
& Administrative Support
• Coordination with Libraries’ Human Resources

• Recruitment and on boarding of new staff

• Coordination with NYU and Libraries’ Client Services

• Calendar management: Reserving conference room for
KARMS & interdepartmental meetings
KARMS Programming and Documentation
• Scheduling and facilitation of departmental Task Teams

• Contributing to production and staffing statistics

• Providing graphic design and meeting presentation support

• Managing KARMS’ wiki space, newsletter, and related documentation

• Providing meeting facilitation and support (KARMS 101, All Staff meetings, Lightning Talks, Brown Bags)
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