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uts Blackboard - Orientation

Explore your learning with uts blackboard. This will walk you through basic tools and essentials of blackboard

Online Content

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of uts Blackboard - Orientation

uts Blackboard Student enrolled into the course Log on to uts.blackboard.com Login with registration number as your login id and password uts Blackboard
Homepage Accessing courses After logging in to Blackboard, click on the "Courses" tab For accessing your subjects:
Follow the below procedure From courses list, click on any subject Course homepage will open After clicking on the subject, it will take you to the course page where following menus are present and accessible to the student:

1. Homepage
2. Course Outline
3. Content
4. Assignments
5. Value Added Content
6. Tools
7. Help Access your course content Course outline tab includes the objective of the course and its syllabus followed by References and Recommended reading. Course Outline Content tab includes, Unit wise breakup of subject, where the subject is divided into 2-3 units depending upon the no. of chapters.
-Each unit folder consist of e-book (pdf), study guide followed by an exercise.

Content tab mainly includes the following elements:
- Unit wise folders - e-book, study guide & exercise
- Assignments
- Speak to instructor tool Content Value Added Content tab includes interactive content such as Presentations for reference, Reference modules, Opensource video lectures, etc. Value Added Content Taking Exercises and Assignments After logging in to Blackboard, click on the "Courses" tab Accessing Exercise Courses > Click on any subject > Content tab > Unit -1 > Exercise -1 Once submit the exercise-1, your assignment-1 will be available outside the Unit-1 folder.

Assignments can only be seen after attempt of an exercise.

Courses > Select any subject > Content tab > Assignments are available only if the exercises have been attempted Accessing Assignments This is very important to "Save and Submit" your exercise or assignment after completion of selection of correct choices.

Save and Submit option is available at right top and the bottom of the questions

If you are failed to submit the assignment or exercise, it will not get evaluated, hence you wont be able to see your marks. Save & Submit
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