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It's Just A Bottle of Water

No description

Sha'Tesa Jackson

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of It's Just A Bottle of Water

By: Mckayla Wommack, Kend'a Robinson, Sha'Tesa Jackson
Need to knows
Should we recycle the plastic?
How can we make society more aware of the environmental problems associated with bottled water?
"It's Just A Bottle of Water"
Need to Knows
What are the effects that tap water has on us?
Some drinking water is contaminated and people suffer acute health problems from it. For example: nausea, lung irritation, skin rash, dizziness, and even death.
What are the effects that bottled water has on us?
Need to Knows
What are the different types of chemicals they put in a bottle of water?
Microbial and physical properties of all samples were evaluated including pH, conductivity, bacteria counts, anion concentration, trace metal concentration, heavy metal and volatile organics concentration were all determined in samples of 35 different brands of bottled water

Learning and behavior problems, early puberty in girls and fertility problems, diabetes and obesity.
How to tell if bottle says Bisphenol A (BPA) free or not.
Read through the labels carefully, and if you don't know what something means on the label, look it up on the internet.
It saves energy
It reduces the need for landfills
Recycling reduces the need to destroy habitats for animals
Recycling is good for the economy
Recycling helps our climate problems
What will be the future impact on the environment if we continue to use bottled water like we do today?
If we continue using water bottles like we do, people would have more health and mental problems.
Is bottled water healthier for you than tap water? Are there times when bottled water is essential? Are there times when it is not?
Bottled water is not healthier than tap water. Bottled water is essential when there is no clean water available. It's really not essential when you are in clean environment with running water.
List 3 ways you can help solve the environmental problems caused by water bottles
Don't leave bottled water in hot places; keep them cool
Drink bottled water from municipal sources like: purified water, sparkling water or BPA free water containers
We could start a group session and talk about the harmful chemicals that are in bottled water and health risk they cause.
Extension Exercises
News Today....
Do you drink tap water or bottled water? Or both? Which one do you prefer? Either way, they are both water. Bottled water is about 25-75% tap water, depending on what water brand it is. Although water bottles are easier to carry and go place to place with, they seem to be hard to get rid of. Recycling is easy and simple but not many people do it. That produces the problem with disposing of water bottles. Most people just throw them in the trash and move along. Recycling saves money and time.
Write a one paragraph press that details the problems of recycling water bottles.
Bottled water entangles a variety of environmental issues. In this case List one issue that could be addressed and relate it to the material presented in the case.
Water could be filtered and drank out of BPA containers to help stop plastic pollution and be more healthier than bottled water
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