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rela essay-stefani e

No description

Michelle Sora

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of rela essay-stefani e


Rela Pre-AP 2nd By: Stefani Espin Goodwill / Frienship Goodwill is an act of kindness or friendliness friendship
means to
be in a
What goodwill or frienship occured in my essay? Katherine took an act of kindness and started treating me nicely by doing me favors. I also did many favors and tried to make her the happiest little girl in the world by giving her my best and favorite barbie, then kathy said it was ok;she forgives me :) truthful truthfulness in my essay: When Kathy and I had to tell my mom why we were figting we werent being truthful to my mom and to each other by lieing. The definition of truthful is being honest to ones self and to others. Fairness Fairness in my essay? Kathy and I didnt think our punishment was pretty fair for us, which was cleaning the kitchen for a week, no tv, and no barbies for three days! Beneficial The lesson learned by a barbie was benificial to Kathy and I by teaching us that our sisterhood and frienship is fat way more important than a plastic non living barbie who cant resist a fall from three storys high. benifial in story benificial means When someone benefits from something, it means that something good comes from it.
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