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Its like a Puzzle

Puzzle Pieces

Audrey Wilcox

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Its like a Puzzle

"Xtreem - it's like a puzzle!!!" Technology used this year:
Doceri on desktop and iPad
Prezi What a great way to start off "Xtreem"!!! I explain each concept usually on the whiteboard, using my iPad (compliments of Xtreem) with apps Doceri or a video Thank You for
my Journey! Next year I hope to fill in a few more
pieces of the puzzle!

My journey into putting the pieces of the "Xtreem" puzzle together Another piece of the Xtreem program that helped with the puzzle were the
Algebraic Habits of Mind The 5E Model
Elaborate by Audrey Wilcox We explored several topics using manipulatives such as red/yellow disc to learn integers and integer concepts. According to Driscoll in "Fostering Algebraic Thinking", habits of mind are ways of thinking, that when used habitually, can lead to successful learning of algebra.

Having taught Algebra for the past three years, I always used normal algebra terms and vocab when modeling and explaining to my 7th grade students throughout the year. This year I used a number of youtube music videos to engage my students when class starts. Here's an example: I use several methods to evaluate the students throughout the learning process
Exit Tickets
Pop Quizzes
Etc. Extend Engage Explore Explain Evaluate Algebraic Habits of Mind Using Technology to Expand Knowledge Having Fun doing Professional Development CAMT Motivational Speakers Great Classes Great Dinner with Xtreem Team Learning Fun I give my students the opportunity to expand and solidify their understanding of the concept using real world situation Iike ... unit rate.
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