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Copy of Choosing a Major: Workshop

No description

Andrew Knoblich

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Choosing a Major: Workshop

Andrew J. Knoblich
Choosing a major: WORKSHOP
Goals of this workshop...
An Ideal Day at Work
Guided Imagery
To challenge you to think outside the box; literally
To help you identify different systems that play a role in your major selection and career decisions
To help you consider your self-awareness, abilities, values, and interests and how they factor into your career decision
To identify career pathways you are likely to pursue given your major selection
To generate discussion
To have fun
Good career decisions are values-based
Values motivate you to pursue an activity or state of mind
Few career options provide individuals with the opportunity to express ALL their important values
Thus, we must prioritize our values and make choices accordingly
What else is important to realize when making decisions about our career?
The combined ability and knowledge which allow you to complete a task to a high standard.
Domain general vs. Domain Specific
Can be developed
A natural disposition or character quality, "a way of being."
doesn't typically change over time
What else?...
What you enjoy and find fulfillment in doing
If you have no interest in your career, it is difficult to sustain the necessary effort to ensure your success in the field

Refers to individual differences in patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
Important to understand when making career decisions
What's On My Plate?
Draw a small circle in the center of the plate
Draw three outer circles around this original circle
Things directly impacting me...
How do these things interrelate...
Larger institutions impacting me...
Big things in the news...
What is going on in side of you
as a result of these things....
Let's Get Started!!!
Connect the Dots Activity
Connect the dots with four straight lines
DO NOT lift your pencil off the paper
DO NOT retrace any line
Lines may cross if necessary
Discuss how you think this relates to your intended major and career path
Ability is what you are capable of doing; Motivations determines what you do; Attitude determines how well you do it." -Lou Holtz
Assessments and Inventories
Questions, Comments, Final Thoughts
Andrew J. Knoblich
Graduate Assistant, Career Center
Additional Resources
The University of Georgia Career Center
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