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GMIS Student Council

No description

Trevin Susanto

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of GMIS Student Council

STUDENT COUNCIL GOALS Role Of The Student Council Create a better school life in co-operation with the principal, staff and students.

Allow students to constructively, identify and express their needs

Contribute to overall school development by being a resource in working in partnership with the management of the school 80% of the students join page to stage Who are We I am a freak for info, a nerd for geeky stuff and most importantly passionate about sharing those info. Unlike others, I spent my off-time analyzing sports, reading off beat news and listening to standup comedy as well as podcast that will enlighten my mind. My highlight of the week is enlightening kids in AKLTG, where we "transform life everyday" Trevin Susanto Jennifer Arsjad Hi! I'm Arjun Dasani. I love being a leader and the feeling of being "in-charge" even if that comes with huge responsibilities. I try my best at the things I love and one of them is improving existing systems. I am brimming with excitement regarding the student council and highly aspire that my efforts would create a great and memorable school experience. Candice Paul I want to feel that I play a significant role in the lives of the people I meet. That is my drive and motivation to help them, guide them and listen to them as well as organizing things: this includes events, shows, presentation- but I will always work to the best of my extent. I prefer to avoid confrontation and is very outgoing Arjun Dasani Drishna Mirchandani My name's Drishna Mirchandani. In a nutshelI I can define myself as a teenager filled with plentiful dreams, one of which is to create a positive impact in at least one person's life. Which is why when I was asked whether I wanted to be a part of the student council, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I thought that this would be my chance to take charge and make a difference. This experience would be life-changing and the most valueable. The duties, hurdles, and expectations do frighten me, but we strive for success, so we will definitely work our way to it. Hey! I am Jennifer Arsjad. When I do anything. I love to make it in a way that if I am gone, my absence will be felt. Mainly, I try to do and think things in a manner that is different from others- in a good way. I can be called an idealist, and I am very resourceful in order to IDENTITY VISION STRUCTURE To facilitate the process of education in the school for the general benefit of the whole school community by basing a relationship of mutual respect, trust and support.

In the process we strive to make GMIS a better place to study, students are represented, talents are developed and recognized with great communications among students and with the school. GUIDELINES FEEDBACK
ETC. Student council members act should as role models whom students can trust.
Activities will be led by their respective heads that are assigned through discussions.
When giving critiques we must always remember to give the way to solve or improve as well.
Although formed as a separate entity from the prefect body, we are connected through the disciplinary division of the student council structure.
No forceful intrusion to personal life unless approached
Every person has an equal say in the student council-no one has more power than the other despite of any position held
School compulsory activities are the first priority in organizing the student council activities.
By student for students: Students are the one who formed it, who will be organizing, developing and performing activities considering the interest of all students without neglecting School Policies.
Everyone in and outside the student council will be encouraged to evolve and accommodate changes that situation imposed on us
Significant changes imposed on the student council or by the student council will be consulted with the school management for approval. PURPOSE To be 'a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students'

This is done by facilitating the communication system between school administrative, teaching system and students. And to allow students to practice Leadership and Organizational skills in a structured manner. PROGRAMS Communication Medias These are the programs that we are planning to organize in the first term of grade 12 Leadership Camp
Study Group
University Preperation
Choosing Major Blogs
Yearbook Notice Board A BETTER SCHOOL LIFE Thank You A Bright Idea President/Co-President Treasurer Secretary Sports Captain Publicist Arts Director Organize page to stage programs that will help nurture the artistic talents of students Communicating with the faculties and students as well as maintaining the social media utilized. To facilitate the president in the day to day running of the council To initiate the sporting activities that will help build the sporting programs. As well as keeping the overall fitness of students Manage all funds and expenses of the activities and programs arranged by the council. Academic Director To create programs that will help students in their study process. To supervise and organize the roles and responsibility of the group members Short Term Goals Long Term Goals To create a school wide survey before and after the council is form
To organize at least one event by the end of this term
Make sure the council is known through presentation, article, board, etc. A junior system that will ease the transition between the years
Activities does not intrude academics and class
Collaboration with other school
80% of the student join page to stage
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