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No description

Molly Wang

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Finland

All about Finland

This is a climate map in January
The national animal of Finland is
the brown bear.
All in all Finland is an interesting country.
Interesting facts
Finland Demographics
National animal
Finland is a well developed country.Their main exports are:
-Electrical equipment
Other animals
Imports and exports
Finland imports are
-Plants and wild animals
-soil materials
Their main trading partners are:
Tourism attractions
Some people go to Finland to see the northern lights. Also you can go dog sledding
Here is a political map of Finland.
The provinces are:
-Vaasa *Vasa
-Lappi *Rovaniemi
-Oulu *Oulu
-Kymi *Kouvola
-Kuopio *Kuopio
-Keski-Suomi *Jyvaskyla
-Pohjois-Karjala *Joensuu
-Mikkeli *Mikkeli
-Uusimaa *Hyvinkaa
-Turku Ja Pori *Turku
-Hame *Hameenlinga
National bird: Whooper Swan
National fish: European Perch
The capital of Finland is Helsinki
Population: 5,262,930
Religions: Lutheran Church of Finland 82.5%, Orthodox Church 1.1%, other Christian 1.1%, other 0.1%, none 15.1%
Population growth rate: 0.065%
Here is a map of Finland in English
There are multiple maps of Finland
because there aren't really any legal names for the provinces yet.
Life expectancy at birth: Male 75.94 years Female 83.02 years
1. Finnish children don't start school until they are 7.
2. All children, clever or not, are taught in the same classroom.
3. Elementary school in Finland have up to 75 minutes of recess each day.
4. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants.
5. Finland have a wife carrying championship

Trees are Finland’s most important natural resource. Three-fourths of the total land area is forested, with pine, spruce, and birch trees. Some of the other resources are iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, silver and limestone
Finland Currency
Finland uses the same kind of money as most of Europe. Its Euros!
National anthem:
The national anthem of Finland is

Maamme which means our land in

New Year
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Mother´s Day
Midsummer Eve
Midsummer Day
All Saints
Father´s Day
Independance Day Finland
Christmas Eve
St. Stephen´s Day
Finland holidays
Languages: Finnish and Swedish
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