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for the love of my life

just because i love you.

lindsey hayes

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of for the love of my life

love still stands,
when all else has fallen. this is the first time i visited
london. look how far we've come this, is the day after
you proposed. doesn't this all seem
so long ago? and yet,
i still love you more than
any other boy in the whole
wide world. after a lot of begging on my
part, you finally let our family
start when we went to
campbell river to pick up
our little guy:) and as you can see, we
both love him..................... even though he's not
little anymore when i choose to hold your
hand, it means i trust you.
i really mean it. if you live to be one hundred,
i hope to be ninety five minus
one day, so i never have to live
a day without you in my life. whoa. look how big our
family just got. life is so much
more friendly with two. or three. love knows no limit to its endurance.
no end to its trust. my ryan. i can't wait to
begin another journey with
you. look at how many we've
already made it through successfully.
my heart is mine to give to whom i choose.
and it's you. it's always been you. and it always will be.
not until death my love, but forever. and isn't it nice to know that you're married to
someone who likes to make you cake THIS MUCH!
love love love xo
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