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Evaluation - Question One

No description

Sophie Richardson

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Evaluation - Question One

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
For my magazine i chose to anaylse three different magazines rather than two as i couldn't decide what ones to look at. I chose to look at NME, Rocksound and Kerrang. Where did i get my name for my magazine? I thought of the name ampified for my magzine name actually when wearing a band top from amplified clothing and i thought it would be a good idea for a magazine name. I also thought people generally like to listen to music loud, therefore it would be 'amplifed' The mise-en-scene of my magazine. The mise-en-scene for the magazine, the models generally wore their own clothes. I asked my model lauren who i used for the smaller images on the contents page and front cover to come in wearing her motley crue tshirt, skinny jeans and red pumps and a red necklace, i chose her tshirt as its a vintage rock top and chose red shoes and acessories as it coordinated with the writing on the top.

For my cover star kayla, i asked her to bring along skinny jeans and rockky style tops.
She ended up wearing for the cover shot, ripped skinnt jeans, a black vest and a black starry scarf. Other clothes she brought along were red skinny jeans a cropped grey top, plimsolls. suade heels.

For my dps, i asked me model aaron, i asked him to bring along a vary of different jeans, indie style tshirts and plimps. I brought along converse boots for him to wear. In the end for my DPS shots he ended up wearing yellow converse boots, a grey back to the future top and camel jeans.
Within the written content i looked at issues of kerrang NME and rocksound to see the kind of layout they use and what they actually put into the magazine. When i read magazines i like to read them with interviews with stars i like and when they have images from concerts. When i wrote my 'interview' with the star, i made it look as though he was preparing for his bands latest album to be released and that he was preparing for a tour. From previous experience of reading magazines and interviews with my favourite band and from what i know about tours, i did questions on what countrys are the best to tour in, what kind of sounds an album has, favourite venue to play at, what artists inspire them etc. Throughout my magazine i used three different fonts. The one i used for the masthead i chose because i thought it looked unique and didn't think anyone would use the same font. I also thought it would fit well with the genre of my magazine i was aiming to create. For my main sellline on the front cover i used a font similar to the font used in kerrang. And for the smaller text on the right page next to my model, i used a text similar to rocksound. I tried to keep a contiuniety of text throughout my magazine. For my actual article i just used a standard Arial text as i didn't want to over complicate it. The genre of my magazine is indie/rock. I tried to get this across by dressing my models in inde/rocker clothing and trying to replicate some of the shot types i had seen in the magazines i had looked at. I also tried to get this accross by featuring a variety of different bands rather than just the bands that would be in kerrang or the bands that would be in NME i combined the two. For the layout of each of the different pages i tried to replicate them from a different magazine. So on the front cover i tried to like in two kerrang on the contents page i tried to liken it to rocksound and the double page spread i tried to liken it to NME.
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