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Mandy Mayer, Health Education Lesson Plan ~ Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Nutrition Lesson Plan Presentation EDHE 200: Principles & Methods for Effective Health Education; Susan Yesalonia, Ed.D, Professor

Mandy Mayer

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Mandy Mayer, Health Education Lesson Plan ~ Fifth Grade

Grade Five Health Lesson:
Nutrients and My Body Content Area: Nutrition

Grade Level: Fifth Grade

Number of Students: 16

VT Standard Addressed:
3.5 Students make informed, healthy
decisions that positively affect the health,
safety, and well-being of themselves and others.
VT GE Stems:
HE4: Accessing Information
Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information and/or resources about health issues, services and products.
HE6: Goal Setting
Students will demonstrate the ability to set personal goals to enhance health.
HE7: Decision Making
Students demonstrate the ability to make decisions that lead to better health. Goals and Objectives:
Students will learn to access and utilize a web tool to explore daily intake of the six nutrients by inserting food choices into a meal plan.
From that experience, students will identify which nutrients they may be lacking in their diet.
Students will then list two ways they can amend their intake to improve their nutrient intake.
Pre-requisite Knowledge: Class Outline...

5 Minutes: Circle on floor, one-minute
greeting, review objectives 30 Minutes: Students will log in to their
individual computers and go to the "mypyramid.gov"
website where they will use the menu planner section
to create a daily menu for themselves. Troubleshooting and
Inclusion ideas:
Teacher will project her page onto a wall screen.
Students can pair up and create a fictitious child their own age.
If pressed for time, this could be a whole-class activity. Students can use the Smartboard as an interactive tool. Some students may wish to work on their own. 10 Minutes: Students will reflect on their learning
by writing a note in their health journals that answers
the following question:

"Based on today's experience with using mypyramid,
which nutrients do you get enough of each day, and
which nutrients are you possibly getting too little
of? Write two ways you can improve your daily
eating habits to include more of those nutrients." Lesson Reflection
Why would this lesson be
CDC's Characteristics of an Effective
Health Education Curriculum:
~ Students use a credible resource
to assess their own risk
~ Incorporates different learning
~ Allows opportunity for personal
For our next lesson, the teacher will have
responded to the journal entries and
allowed students time to share their
strengths/weaknesses and plans with
each other. A possible extension of
this activity would be to share the
link with the students' families for them
to try it together at home. Utah Education Network Utah Education Network
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