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MAC Cosmetics

ISC 341 Final Presentation

Lindsay Lush

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of MAC Cosmetics

Audience Profile Primary target audience: "All ages, all races, all sexes"
Secondary target audience: Females ages 18-25
Passive but once exposed to strong messages become active
Behavioral profile:
Spend money on fashion, entertainments and socializing
Psychographic profile:
Experiencers, Achievers, Thinkers
Seek variety and excitement
Like new, offbeat, risky things
Enjoy social activies
Demographic profile:
Expressionists who want to individualize themselves but also enjoy following trends
Want a glamorous look SWOT Analysis-Strengths Strengths
Valued industry
Respected organization
Donates to charity
Oil-free products
High quality
Leader in cosmetic industry
Dominant in theatrical/entertainment industry Client Background Goals To create effective news releases that promote the mission of MAC Cosmetics
To increase brand awareness and loyalty among prospective consumers through affective PR implementation
To promote MAC’s VIVA GLAM line and increase awareness of MAC’s charitable contributions to the HIV/AIDS foundation
To increase presence in media through connectors. Event "A Night With Ricky Martin" To create and solidify relationships with our target market
Raise awareness of MAC's philanthropic line of lip products, VIVA GLAM
Increase brand awareness
Increase profitability
Increase awareness of MAC's corporate social responsibility
Lindsay Lush, Kelsey Shannon, Kasey Allgeier MAC Cosmetics Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Frank Toskan & Frank Angelo
First store: 1991 in NY
"All ages, all races, all sexes
Bridge the gap between makeup artistry and fashion photography
Estee Lauder bought MAC in 1998
Headquartered in NY, New York Product Information Large cosmetics line with products for face, eyes, lips and skin care
Cost: ranging form $15.00-$30.00
All oil free: typically why preferred
VIVA GLAM: unique 100% donations
Created 1994
Ricky Martin: First latin American spokesperson SWOT Analysis- Weaknesses Weaknesses
Limited awareness with the public
Higher end-expensive
Limited media outreach
Competitive vulnerability SWOT Analysis-Opportunities Opportunities
Expand market
Maintain brand loyalty with current users
Change consumer perception through exemplifying corporate social responsibility
Create loyalty/awareness of prospective consumers
Media outlets internationally
Build and develop relationships
Promotional social events SWOT Analysis-Threats Threats
High end competitors
Not seen as a necessity
Cheaper brands that are seen as "good enough" Objectives: Output Send news releases to each of MAC’s media connectors by August 2013 (Cosmopolitan, Allure, Glamour, Vogue, Marie Claire)
To send brochures to potential clientele by August 2013
Host events promoting MAC’s VIVA GLAM line and introduce new spokespersons by August 2013 Objectives: Impact To increase brand awareness by 60 percent among the target audience by August 2013
To increase brand loyalty among the target audience by 60 percent by August 2013
To influence audience perception of MAC’s philanthropic lip line, VIVA GLAM, by 80 percent by August 2013 Strategies To create a complex strategic marketing campaign that involves interested media outlets.
To host an event promoting/ celebrating MAC’s charitable contributions through VIVA GLAM to the HIV/AIDS foundation. This will be done by the creation of promotional materials including posters, flyers, newsletters and Facebook events.
To build positive relationships with prospective consumers through promotional events and create of a positive, philanthropic image in the mind of the consumer.
To create positive word of mouth about MAC from the charitable event, using smart marketing techniques Event Exclusive, invitation only event where Ricky Martin will announce his partnership with VIVA GLAM
"The College Contest"
MAC makeup counters with free makeovers
Gourmet food and drinks provided
Elegant takeaways at the end of the night
700 individuals present
200 loyal MAC users and a friend of their choice
100 media connectors
150 members of the HIV/AIDS community positively affected by the MAC AIDS fund
50 employees (MAC and venue)
A glamorous night filled with entertainment, open bar, music, and makeup tips from our professionals. A night with Ricky Martin Where: Pier Sixty, Manhattan, NY 10012

When: Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 7pm

Why: To introduce Ricky Martin as VIVA GLAM’s newest spokesperson in the fight against HIV/AIDS Invites you to... For more information visit maccosmetics.com In the fight against AIDS/HIV VIVA GLAM with Ricky Martin Presents Tactics News releases
Event invitations
Facebook page
Comment cards
Promotional items Media Kit Materials Press release
Event invitation
MAC backgrounder
MAC fact sheet
Business/Contact card
Brochure Evaluation Exposure
Media impresssion
Facebook requests
Website visits
Attention to media outlets
Comment cards
Audience action
Campaign Impact The Big Idea We would like to give credit to... macaidsfund.org
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