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Why Arranged Marriages Are Bad

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Kendra Hall

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Why Arranged Marriages Are Bad

I leave you with this: Is all the selfishness you as the parents possess in giving your child the best marriage you want for them worth their unhappiness? Arranged marriages are not all what they crack up to be. The couple does not fall in love,. by not falling in love it is undefining
the idea of first comes love then marriage. There is the possibility that you could marry a person you have no physical attraction to. Arranged Marriages have negative social implications such as the couple being deprived of their privacy. The marriage serves the interests of the arranger instead of benefitting the couple Why Arranged Marriages Are Bad In Arranged Marriages there is family support but you may not love the person. There is the possibility that the parents could be choosing a deceitful person. Arranged Marriages create dependent couples Marriage is all about breaking away from your parents and starting your own lives together and making decisions as a couple. In Arranged Marriages the parents make the decisions for the couple. Plus if the parents died before one member of the couple dies the couple would not know what to do when it came to decision making Arranged marriages totally undefine the idea of marriage Waking up to a face that has no value of attraction could end up forcing a person to cheat. Parents, do you really want your child to be a cheater? In a way you can not blame them because they had no input in choosing the face or body they married. Plus, adding a disturbance to
waking up is unneccessary. In this case, there is a greater possibility that the arranger will be interfering in the marriage which deprives the couple of their privacy. This type of marriage
tends to satisfy the
parents more than the
the child.
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