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not final

honey joyce palma

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of A STORM OF PERSECUTION


Writ of Eviction
The terrible news

Our parents were ordered to get out of our home. They were that this action was required by the order of dispossession and ejectment against them.”

following basic principals:

1. For the tenants now to be allowed to return to their land

2. For all the titles to be examined by three atty. to be named by agreement by both side.

3.For the tenants to be permitted to stay on their land until the case is settled

4.That if the case went to friars, there should be just conditions for leasing the land

5. There should be no peyment of rentals until the case is settled

The Continuing Trials
and Persecution
“ There is much wickedness, much mischief, in the ranks of our enemies. I realize that we must regard them, not as lions, but as reptiles. So we must arm ourselves and put on our gloves before we touch them. There are many reptiles.”
The Turkey Controversy
The fight of the people of Calamba against the Dominican hacienda was not a fight against the Church or religion.
The Dominicans were oppressive landlords at this period & place.
Their conduct toward the tenants was treason to their Church and to their Christian professions.
The Effects of the Noli: Trials and Persecutions of Rizal’s Family
From the Philippines came news that Noli Me Tangere was reaching farther and farther every month.

May 23, 1889 - Lucia’s husband, Mariano Herbosa, died of cholera.
1. To complete the process of dispossession

2. Afterwards to make a judicial decision about the property.
Fill in the blank:
1. From the Philippines came news that ________ was reaching farther and farther every month.
2. _______ was hailed before the court and ordered to abondon the house she had been building since her husband's death.
3. From _______ came the terrible news.
4. Paciano, Antonio, DAndoy, Silvestre, and ________ to the road banishment to Mindoro at four- thirty this afternoon.
5. From _______ himself came a heartbreaking letter.
1. Noli Me Tangere
2. Lucia
3. Saturnina
4. Teong
5. Felipe Buencamino
Submitted by:
Honey Joyce D. Palma
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