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lindsay wyczalkowski

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of POND ECOSYSTEM


Primary Consumers
One primary consumer is a water flea. A water flea is a bug that sits on top of the water. It is very light so it is able to float on top of the water. They eat small organisms and other particles in the water. The next primary consumer is a snail. A snail usually has a gray shell and a soft body. It has a long antennas for smell and hearing. Snails mostly eat leaves. Another primary consumer is a minnow. A minnow is a small fish with a small tail. Their small tail helps them swim. minnows eat alot of algae.
My first decomposer is the water strider Its habitat is in the water and they eat mosquito larvae and insects. My second consumer is heterotrophs it lives in the pond. It eats dead and decaying animals.
Secondary Consumers
The environment in the pond is mostly rainy.The are lots of rocks at the bottom of the pond.Almost every day the rain percentage is 50%.
One of my producers is a
lily pad. A lily pad is a floating
leaf with a very long stem. Their stems are flexible so the currents don't break them. Another one is a phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are microscopic free floating aquatic plants. Their small size helps them achieve high surface area. A cattail is a long stalk of grass that lives in shallow waters. Cattails have air channels so they don't bend over and die. A Trapa is a floating herb that has a chestnut like seed on top of the plant.A Trapa has a lot of chlorophyll to keep it very green.

One secondary consumer is the snapping turtle. A snapping turtle has a long neck. A snapping turtle is able to hold it's breath a long time. Snapping turtles eats fish,frogs,and some reptiles. Another secondary consumer is alligator. Alligators are large carnivores with a long tail and big mouth. They have camouflage. They eat water moccasins.
Food Web
A food web is a diagram that shows what eats what.In our ecosystem,the sun gives energy to the lily pad,the snail eats the lily pad,the snapping turtle eats the snail and the water strider eats the remains.
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