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Jenolan Cave's Renewable Energy

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Stevenoid101 internet

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Jenolan Cave's Renewable Energy

Jenolan Cave's Renewable Energy History of Jenolan Caves Another Green Energy Source Why I Have Chosen These Types of Renewable Energies. The Jenolan Caves were found by James Whalan who was a local pastoralist though legend has been said that an out- law has used the caves as a hideout before James had found the Caves. When the Caves first started letting in tourists they were allowed to break formations until the government made it illegal in 1872. The damage can still be seen today.The Jenolan Caves still have many undiscovered caves that are to be discovered. The latest cave was discovered by Bruce Welch in 1975. The caves are the oldest in the world. Said to be about 340 million years old and this was proved by the CSIRO with their clay dating methods. Another Renewable Energy Idea Jenolan caves could use a tornado power plant. Jenolan caves could make a smaller version of the Atmospheric Vortex Engine. This machine is a giant man made tornado that can be used to capture power. The atmospheric vortex engine which is pretty large at 200 metres wide and 100 metres tall can produce 200 megawatts of electricity which is enough for a small city. It works by making warm air enter through the sides and making it into a circular shape and when the speed reaches 300 kilometers an hour a vacuum forms and holds it up as it extends a few kilometers into the sky.

A smaller version which can produce 20 megawatts would be enough to power the whole of Jenolan Caves. Energy Used Right Now One energy source that could be used is a thorium generator. Thorium is like uranium but much safer and produces more energy. Thorium is very unlikely to have runaway chain reactions which would cause nuclear disasters and its waste is dangerous for a much shorter time than uranium, thorium can't be used to make nuclear weapons which makes even safer.Thorium is also more commonly found than uranium. Thorium can produce energy just like a nuclear reactor is used to produce energy. Future Renewable Energy Jenolan Caves have tried to be environmentally friendly since it was opened. It finished building Australia's first hydroelectricity system in 1917. Now the new hydro-electricity system creates 60% of Jenolan's electricity. They do not have many other renewable energy but have tried to be green with other things like lighting and the water waste which can be purified enough be be drinking water. Human powered chip that produces energy. This device is made out of rubber and ceramic nanoribbons. The chip makes power when being flexed. This chip can be installed onto the soles of rubber shoes and the energy made by walking through the caves is enough to power a small device like an iPod or some kind of phone all day.
Another way of human power to make energy are pedal powered laptops. This way all the computers and laptops in the Jelonan Caves can be environmentally green. Converting water and CO2 to make fuel. This is trying to replicate photosynthesis. Right now a machine is able to use co2 and water to make the building molecules of fuel for transports. If the machine is capable to make twice the power of photosynthesis than it is possible to make fuel.

The process is that iron oxide is heated to1500 degrees to make it push out oxygen then quickly turned to a cooling chamber to suck in carbon dioxide. This process is repeated many times till it produces carbon monoxide which is the building blocks to fuel.

With this fuel Jenolan caves will be able to power green cars to move tourists around and not destroy the environment with more co2. I have chosen these energy sources because of the amount of energy made from it and the way it is produced. Another reason is that most of them are pretty safe and low cost. Also these energy sources will not harm native plants and animals unless an animal tries to climb into a vortex machine and gets killed or a thorium meltdown occurs. Future Renewable Energy Sources Prezi made by Steven Dong of NBHS Bibliography:http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/technology/inventions/,
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