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No description

jo something

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of lead!!!

long long long ago in ancient times the element lead was discovered 6,400B.C. by this mysterious person that is unknown still today.
Billy thought that lead was weird because he always wore a hat with the number 82 and lead called it THE ATOMIC NUMBER! Also he wore these silver shoes that had these numbers 207.2 and called it the ATOMIC MASS! Billy thought that the weirdest thing about lead is that he wore a shirt with the symbol Pb but that was only billy's opinion.
This weird person named lead had this other buddy named billy and lead always liked to share facts about himself.He talked over and over about how handsome his appearance was because he was shiny and bluish and grey and also a cube shaped sometimes.Also when he falls apart which can happen when the temperature drops or a chemical reaction happens and he turns a greyish nasty color.
They were were cruising down the street in the morning and out of nowhere the sun comes out and lead starts yelling and freaking out and billy quickly starts covering him with his jacket because if the heat gets to 621.5F or 327.5C then lead will melt and bill doesn't want that because there buddy's for life.
So billy had a GREAT idea. He said that lead should turn into a small pipe because that was one of his common uses and so that he can put him in his pocket and Billy would sprint to lead's house as if he was lightning. Sadly billy wasn't as fast a lightning and lead died but only for a couple of seconds in till he recovered from turning into a pipe.
Finally lead came back to his normal and so satisfied that he was alive and was back to his handsome self and billy was still wondering why lead is so conceded
The Middle
The Ending
Lead and billy got to safety luckily but then billy said that they should go to leads house because the sun was still out. Also, there was no way both of them were going to pass bye the sun and if they did then lead would malt.
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