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Unrelated Incidents

By Yaneke and Haviena

Haviena Thayalan

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Unrelated Incidents

Unrelated Incidents from By Tom Leonard Presentation By
Yaneke and Haviena 1 2 3 4 What is it about? Structure Language Tone 1 What is it about? BBC Newsreader accent Received Pronunciation The accent used by many national Newsreaders. You cannot tell which part of the country a Reveived Pronunciation speaker comes from. This accent is seen as prestiguous (impressive) and is associated with social groups that are well educated and wealthy. voice lik/wanna yoo/scruff I talk with a BBC accent because you wouldn't want me to talk about the truth with a voice like one of you scruffy, working-class people.

If I talked about the truth like one of you scruffy people, you wouldn't think it was true. just one of you scruffy people talking. Glaswegian dialect 'my own ordinary working-class West of Scottland speech, that is still poetry.' 'the political nature of voice in British culture.' 2 Structure phonetic transcript If pronounced exactly then it sounds like a Glaswegian Voice. No punctuation 2-4 syllables in a line almost no words are spelled the way they are usually in Standard English. very unusual layout looks like it is in a different language lines are unstopped Feeling of Autocue Glaswegian Scotts may find it easier to read than Londoners To explore notions of class, education and nationality. Takes the persona of a less educated or 'normal' Glaswegan, through dialect. 3 Language instead of Standard English, phonetic spellings and Galswegian dialect No punctuation Colloquial words ' scruff ' ' belt up ' newreader talks directly to audience as if it were the actual news. Enjambment Free-flowing effect Never ending issue 4 Tone anger? Is this what the media think about us? Fairness/Equality? humor serious criticism 1976 Prejudice If something does not follow the rules society has set for all of us, we immediately assume it to be either false or not credible
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