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ONE Healthcare Systems

ONEHC Healthcare Enterprise System Features & Benefits

Trish Thomas

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of ONE Healthcare Systems

Why ONE?
ONE Healthcare Systems has been providing consulting and professional web and software services to healthcare providers nationwide for more than 10 years. Our clientele includes industry icons Kaiser Permanente and Medtronic, along with top-tier smaller practices and healthcare staffing companies like Boone Heart Institute, Link Dental and Panorama Orthopedics.

Our unique ability to identify and implement user-friendly, intelligent new technology solutions has helped our clients increase efficiency and revenue for their companies and medical practices.

Philosophy ::
From elegant, easy-to-use websites and intuitive mobile apps to complex practice management systems and EMRs... we strive to build web-based solutions that automate, integrate and elevate your organization.

And we deliver.
Our proprietary platforms, seamlessly integrated modules, and collaborative customization process allow ONE to create healthcare staffing, practice management and electronic medical records solutions that are flexible, reliable, scalable, maintainable and secure.

Flexibility ::
We develop systems that provide our clients customized technology solutions with unparalleled flexibility and control.

Reliability ::
We build and test our systems to the highest levels of reliability.

Scalability ::
Our systems are designed to evolve with your business as it grows.

Maintainability ::
Development is accomplished with the patient, physician or administrator in mind, giving you the ability to easily understand, maintain and update your own system.

Security ::
We take every precaution to ensure your data is secure – and every system we deliver and server we support is fully HIPAA compliant with redundant backup.
Founding Partner
Shad holds a BBA in Accounting and Marketing, and has over 10 years of experience in web design, custom software and mobile app development. As the development and client services lead at ONE Healthcare Systems, Shad consistently delivers stellar results on-time and on-budget by leveraging top-tier personnel within our well-developed business infrastructure.

Entrepreneur. Designer. Developer. A man on the move.

Strategy & Consulting
Using our proprietary “A.I.M.” approach, we examine your organization as a whole and identify solutions to automate, integrate and market – with the goal of increasing profitability, boosting productivity and better serving patients.

Based on our findings, we provide consulting and requirements definition services that encompass not only industry best practices and technology, but also offer support for strategy, staffing, marketing and operations.

ONE Healthcare Systems' will unite the business and clinical arms of your practice, advancing capabilities and performance, and ensuring that our work translates into real efficiency and revenue gains for your business.

Automate ::
Automate business processes, software, user applications and systems

Integrate ::
Integrate design, workflow, databases, software and legacy systems

Market ::
Campaigns, layouts and user interfaces are customized to your target markets and end-users
Software Development
ONE system to connect people, data and devices... comprehensive software that enables communication, efficiency and informed decision-making.

Through ONE’s collaborative development and deployment process, we customize existing software or create a unique solution specific to your needs. The open, modular architecture of ONEHC™ integrates easily with other business and clinical systems, allowing you to retain the benefits of existing systems and combine the perfect mix of features and functionality to meet your needs.

ONE gives clients the benefits of proven technology, while avoiding the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all approach. We give you tried and true performance combined with the adaptability, scalability and exceptional outcomes of a truly custom solution.
Mobile App Development
Everything is going mobile today.

And with ONE’s mobile application development services we can connect your staff, patients, facilities and partners to the ONEHC™ system quickly and easily from any location.

Whether you need to gather data for patient diagnostics, offer remote records access for physicians, or allow facilities to update their staffing needs, our years of experience coupled with the skills of professional designers, programmers and marketers produce the highest quality custom applications.

Mobile apps from ONE for smart phones, iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry® and Android™ applications are guaranteed to be user friendly and generate amazing results from minimal inputs.
User Interface Design
The healthcare industry is awash in confusing websites and software suites that are difficult to navigate.

But ONE Healthcare System’s designers combine enticing aesthetics with simple and easy to follow navigation to give users the ultimate experience, ultimately boosting efficiency and yielding positive results. We work directly with our clients to identify and exceed their needs - as well as the needs of patients. Our intuitive interfaces are designed to mirror your daily workflow... no cryptic site maps, frustrating processes or months of training.
Web Design
ONE Healthcare Systems provides innovative web design services that are structured to seamlessly connect visitors with ONEHC™ and your office.

Enticing user interface designs and simple back end usability adapt to any changing business or organization. SEO/SEM considerations ensure that you’ll receive a return on your investment.

All websites are built on our Content Management System (CMS) so that users and administrators can easily update digital content and media.
Service & Support
We fully support every technology solution we develop.

Our ONEHC™ system is truly flexible and can be hosted in the cloud by ONE Healthcare Systems, by your IT department, or on-site with remote management. Whichever method you choose, you always own the data no matter where it is stored.

Our skilled team can work with you to migrate data from other systems or integrate with third party software.

At ONE, we understand the high level of protection and security you need. That is why we offer tiered licenses, customized development, and subscription-based 24/7 service models that offer the support you need while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Any healthcare enterprise system is only as good as your ability to use it. With ONE as your technology partner, you will have the support you need to succeed.
Problem #1: Integration
ONE Healthcare Systems was launched in direct response to the inability of our clients to find a reliable, secure, user-friendly healthcare enterprise system that successfully integrated multiple functions within their complex practices.

We are experts in eliminating common integration issues such as:

Data silos that prevent cross-referencing and data linking.
Multiple complex systems that require extensive training and support.
Double and even triple data entry that leads to lost productivity and errors.
The inability of systems to 'talk' to each other, automate synching, and support analytics.
Systems that are not customizable to accommodate specialties and unique workflow patterns.
Barriers to usability, access and efficiency.

Problem #2: Usability
Build a system rooted in the understanding of complex multi-user workflow patterns that provides real value to the individuals actually accessing features day-to-day.

Engage in discovery, requirements definition, consulting and sufficient customization to address potential usability problems in a live environment, such as collaborative timing, task handoffs, security and the impact of physical spaces and team dynamics.

Unfailing focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing operating costs. ONEHC was built to deliver ease of use, ease of implementation and swift system adoption.

Eliminate data entry by addressing integration with other systems, replicating common functions, and allowing multi-user remote access.

Mimic paper-based workflow and real-world processes within the system, rather than expecting users to modify their processes to fit ONEHC.

Embrace and consciously manage system complexity so that modules are adaptable, capabilities are flexible, and features and functions meet our clients' unique needs.
Problem #3: Analytics
There is emerging awareness among leading healthcare providers that a comprehensive view of organizational performance and care delivery dynamics is required to excel in today's environment.

Analytics make it possible to deliver insights to decision makers. Healthcare organizations that understand and embrace robust analytic capabilities will be in a position to rapidly and nimbly execute initiatives and thrive in the new healthcare reality.

ONE's business intelligence and reporting platform delivers amazing analytics to your team, patients and partners with speed, customized displays, and accuracy.
“Poorly integrated health care IT systems harm or kill more patients every year than do medications and medical devices.”
Asif Ahma, CIO, Duke University Health System

* 2012 Study Produced by MedTech Media Custom Group and Conducted by Deloitte Development, LLC and Oracle
At ONE, our team is committed to the human element of software development. Key usability considerations in developing the ONEHC suite were:

The Solution
ONEHC™ is an all-in-one healthcare enterprise system that blends SAAS simplicity with the rich functionality of custom systems.

Practice Management (ONE-PM™)
Human Resource Management (ONE-HRM™)
Compliance & Case Management
Medical Diagnostics
Electronic Healthcare Records (ONE-EHR™)
Business Intelligence & Reporting

The Benefits for You
Robust, flexible solutions built on client feedback and industry expertise that truly maximize productivity and profitability.

Full control over information and resources, so that you can operate your practice, your way. Host on our web-based servers or in-house, and enjoy access to our STK to facilitate internal development projects and modifications.

Reasonable pricing for licensing, customization, implementation and support.

Built-in connection and collaboration tools that improve communication and care.

Rich, real-time analytics that translate data into intelligence - and put reports right at people’s fingertips.

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces, so that working within the system is a pleasure.

Flexibility to accommodate a wide-range of specialties across large and small enterprises in multiple clinical settings.

Built-in integration with legacy systems, websites and other software applications.
ONE-PM™ is the core of the ONEHC™ system, offering features and functions that no other healthcare system on the market today adequately addresses, such as recruiting, credentialing and corporate collaboration.

Staffing is at the heart of our system... because we understand that your team makes all the difference in the quality of patient care you deliver.
ONE-HRM™ is a top-tier human resource management system designed to accommodate all of your HR needs.

This system is capable of integrating and automating each aspect of your HRM process into concise, measurable and comprehensible information.

Our software is completely flexible to suit a variety of healthcare practices, groups and offices, and features include relationship management, recruitment, employee self-service, corporate collaboration, staff scheduling, credentialing, payroll, contract payments and leave/time/attendance tracking.
Corporate Collaboration ::
ONE has developed the ultimate collaboration platform. Features include online profiles, file and media sharing, team organization, direct chat, web and video conferencing, discussion boards, digital white boards and many other features that will keep you connected to the personnel and operations essential to a profitable practice.

Scheduling ::
Maintain the right resources in the right place at the right time throughout your organization. Our flexible, rules-based scheduling solution that allows simultaneous scheduling of equipment, rooms and personnel, simplifying staff scheduling, optimizing professional time and helping you allocate resources based on facility demand, desired skill sets and patient volume.

Recruiting ::
Hiring the right people is critical to quality care. Applicant tracking and management helps you pre-screen and find the ideal candidate for each job. Automate the requisition process, determine competency and fit, utilize video conferencing for interviews, automate new hire paperwork and orientation, and track overall performance.

Credentialing ::
Our credentialing solution allows you to configure the system to meet the specific needs of each facility or health system. Providers can take advantage of completing applications, uploading documents, and attesting online. Administrative staff can set alerts, monitor submissions, and track every phase of the credentialing process.
Staff Management ::
Manage your staff’s preferences, availability, schedule, hours, pay and more in one location. ONE’s staff management solution allows employees self-service access to manage their profile, view their schedule, access payroll information, and more. And your team can process payments for both 1099 and W-2 resources, track time, establish schedules and communicate securely within the system.

Performance Management & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) ::
ONE’s performance management solution allows users to set up quantitative and qualitative goals which can be compared to real time results. Our system tracks and analyzes performance through dashboards that display individual, facility and admin reports.

Project Management ::
Starting with deployment and carrying through to task completion, our system can provide you with an efficient and productive path to results.

Education & Document Management ::
Save paper, resources, time and money with ONE’s essential education and document management system.
Relationship Management (CRM) ::
ONE’s integrated CRM allows you to track all the individuals and entities connected to your practice in one location. The profiles of patients, staff members, physicians, clinicians and vendors can be updated and linked to every module within the ONEHC™ system.

Facilities Management ::
For practices and groups serving multiple locations, facility management capability is a must. View profiles, staffing requirements, change requests, and financial data in one place. Remote user settings allow facilities to manage their own needs, data, credentialing requirements, staff preferences and more... letting your administrative team use their time wisely.
Scheduling Interface

Software applications don't reach their full potential without accessibility, integration, usability and analytics.

The suite of innovative solutions and services included with every ONEHC™ license ensure that your staff, partners and patients fully benefit from utilizing the system.
Executive Dashboard
ONEHC™ gives users a rich, real-time dashboard view of critical functions and data, supporting timely and informed decisions and generating real value.

Collaboration tools,
upcoming events,
staff profiles,
facility schedules,
financial reports
patient records
are always
one click away.

Diagnostic support is a crucial component of the ever-evolving modern healthcare landscape. The ONEHC™ platform allows custom diagnostic functionality to be integrated into the system through web-based access and mobile apps.

Patients respond to surveys or questionnaires, and our diagnostic software assists healthcare professionals in determining the most likely diagnosis of a disease quickly and accurately. Customized features can accommodate any specialty.

And the software is simple
with accessibility to data
and results online.

Reduce errors,
limit unnecessary tests,
increase efficiency,
and improve accuracy
with diagnostic support
from ONE Healthcare

Our compliance solution for healthcare providers reduces overhead and mitigates the risks of regulatory compliance initiatives, enabling your staff to maintain focus on providing top-quality health care.

Ensure compliance not only with HIPAA, but also with ANSI 5010, ICD-10 and the Red Flags rule. By integrating compliance with other modules within the ONEHC™ platform, we provide a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance and risk management through a single enterprise system.

By facility, service, department or staff member, your compliance team can track incidents, assign follow up tasks, monitor adherence to standards or verify problem resolution. Data is linked throughout the system allowing for quick report generation and analysis.

Create compliance measures and allow our unique software to automate and integrate the entire tracking process all the way through to completion and surveillance. Plus, enjoy the assurance that you can prove compliance quickly and accurately at any time.

With ONE's electronic medical records software, Inpatient and ambulatory patient information can be gathered from a variety of sources and moves securely with the patient to a specialist, a laboratory, a local hospital or a nursing home in another state. ONE-EHR™combined with integrated mobile applications delivers 24/7 access to patient data via iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

Whether performing hospital rounds, seeing patients at the office, or reviewing clinical test results remotely, physicians can access a unified view of patient information to support improved decision-making and outcomes. User settings and access levels allow your office to control the use and editing of medical records.

The ability to easily share medical information and allow a patient’s healthcare records to follow them through many modalities of care, makes all the difference. Because when thorough and up-to-date information is shared in a secure way, it becomes a powerful tool for interactive communication – and, ultimately, wellness.

Electronic Healthcare Records
Reporting & Analytics
ONE Healthcare System’s reporting management solution consolidates data across your entire technology network and delivers detailed, custom reports directly to users’ dashboard. Distribution of information, such as monthly report results, is automated. All structured data is available for reporting and anlytics. Intelligence is passed on to appropriate departments within your organization based upon rules for access and frequency.

You can automatically generate
performance summaries and
management reports with text and
graphical representation.

Gain insight into how the
business side of your practice
is running, and leverage critical
practice data to make timely
and informed decisions, using
our integrated business intelligence
reporting tools.

Pricing & Service
ONE Healthcare Systems offers licensing, customization and implementation for the complete ONEHC™ enterprise system. Every license we sell includes an allocation of hours for consulting, requirements definition, development, deployment and training. And any assistance you require beyond your license agreement is delivered at pre-negotiated rates and terms.

Standard Licensing Package = $100,000
Enterprise Licensing Package = $150,000
Premium Licensing Package = $250,000

Contact our team today to set up a free demo and consultation. Our experts will work with you to determine which licensing package and services will best accommodate your needs and budget. And if you would prefer to engage your own internal development projects, an STK is available for purchase.

We fully support every system we deploy. Ongoing service and support contracts start at only $1,500 per month and include regular software updates, technical support, hosting, monitoring and maintenance.
The ONE Difference ::
r s
oftware and services are created from a business perspective and based on years of experience in healthcare and IT.

At ONE Healthcare Systems our success is defined by your success.

We strive every day to make your business more effective and efficient by applying our expertise to solve real-world problems.

ONE Healthcare Systems, Inc.
910 16th Street, Suite 219
Denver, Colorado 80202


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